Friday, January 1, 2016

I think I´m gonna like it heeeeere.....

As the title implies, I LOVE IT HERE!!!! As fun as the Provo MTC was,
getting to Spain has been THE best part of these last few weeks! I
just... oh man it´s amazing here. Quite honestly I don´t really
remember that much about the last couple of days at Provo... After I
emailed you it was probably just packing and classes and eating.
Pretty typical MTC stuff. BUT THEN. Monday morning, far too early to
be awake, we finished cleaning our room, packed up the last of our
things, and headed out the door. 10 minute bus ride to the Frontrunner
Station, then we rode from provo to SLC (Passing the AF and Lehi
Stations was weird.... But I waved at you all!!). Finally, we, the 14
of us who were traveling to Spain together, took 3 minutes to unload
47 suitcases from th e Frontrunner and got on Trax. As we headed to
the airport I realized that I had left one of my nametags (the
magnetic one. :( ) and ALL of my books (preach my gospel, language
study books, 2 of my notebooks, ETC) in the classroom in Provo. Oops.
Lucky for me I brought my scriptures because I had been reading them
the night before and the morning of. BLESSINGS OF THE SCRIPTURES!!!!!
Anyway, we waited in line for a couple hours, then got on the 4 and a
half hour plane ride to Texas, which took off an hour later than
expected, which turned an hour layover into a few minutes, so we had
to book it over to our next flight. Then we spent EIGHT AND A HALF
HOURS squished on a plane on our way to London. That. Was. Horrible.
Not even Advil PM could cure my headache or send me to sleep, so it
was basically the worst thing of my life. But we did get food! That
was the best part. Oh and everyone around me was speaking with gnarly
british accents, so it was pretty fun to eavesdrop for a while. But
still. Almost not worth it. We arrived in Heathrow and had quite a
time trying to get through security and such. We had to find all of
the liquids in our Carry-ons and one elder discovered that his hair
gel had exploded over every item he had brought with him. We were all
far too tired to laugh at the time, but it´s pretty funny looking
back. :) Then we sat around for a few hours, got on yet ANOTHER plane
and headed off to Madrid. As we all sat down, (My Barcelona District
got to sit together on the plane for the first time, which was a
blessing as we were all ready to relax and not have to talk to people
and maybe get some shut-eye), a stewardess came over the intercom and
started speaking the fastest and most crazy language I´ve EVER heard.
Completely unintelligable. After a few blinks and checking to make
sure that our ears worked, we realized that it was, indeed, Spanish.
Hardcore, Full Out Lisp, Faster-than-the-speed-of-Light kind of
Spanish.The kind that we have to learn. And for a moment, just a brief
moment, I think each of us passed out cold. (kidding. but only
partially) It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. But
then I fell asleep, so I got over it. It was only about an hour and a
half to Madrid, so we touched down before too long. We grabbed our
luggage, got herded on to a Bus, and headed to the CCM. The rest of
that day was a bit of a blur, I´m not even sure that it ever really
happened. But at some point, we were each interviewed by President
Lovell, and we ate some of the best bread I´ve ever tasted. (I think
I´m in trouble for the rest of my mission.... the bread turned out to
not be a dream. Boo Yah!!) Wednesday was P day, (PRAISE!) because of
the New Year, but it will typically be on Thursdays. And we didn´t get
to email until today, because of some reason that they explained on
the first day, therefore I do not recall. I´m still with Hermana
Humbert which is AWESOME, and Hermana Malterre is still in my room
which is GREAT! She has a new compañera named Hermana H. (Her real
name is Danish so it has a bunch of crazy letters, and everyone,
especially Spaniards, has a really hard time pronnouncing it. So we
just call her Hermana ´atchay´. H in spanish. Spelling stuff out is
hard.) She is absolutely awesome and I love her a lot! During lunch
she and I will go to a room together and she plays the piano while I
get to sing. Love her!

ANYWAYS. So I got to go into Madrid on P Day and it was AMAZING and
BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE IT! Also I got to go to the Temple which was
AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE IT!!! It was an english session for
now, but I think this next week will be in Spanish. I´m practicing my
Lisp as hard as I can! We are literally right next to it, so we get to
see it out our windows wherever we are. And we have the prettiest
views ever!

The nativity outside the temple here

On new year´s eve we celebrated ( a couple hours early) in true
Spanish Style. We put on masks and clown noses and false teeth and
hats, and then on the 12 strokes of midnight, we ate one grape on each
gong of the bell as is Spanish Tradition. One for good luck for each
month of the year! Apparently they don´t sell grapes without seeds in
them in Spain, so we all promptly spit them out, which I think might
have canceled out the luck. But Still!

I´m getting shooed off the computer now, but I love you all and I have
so much more to tell you and pictures to send! Until Next week!

Hermana Larson

Hermana Katelyn Larson
Centro de capacitación Misional
calle del templo 2
28030 Madrid


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