Thursday, January 28, 2016

This week my thought aren´t quite so organized as usual, (that´s not
saying much, is it? ;) So it´s kinda going to be a bit of a list
of....things. (It took me a second to come up with that word. I kept
thinking ´´cosas´´. Go Spanish Powers!) ok. Primero. Nothing exciting
on last p-day, just walked around and got supplies/groceries. OH I
FINALLY GOT A EUROPEAN SCARF!!! Ok you walk down the street here and
literally every other man, woman, and child will be wearing a HUGE
brown or green or red plaid scarf. (European fashion is interesting...
but that´s a discussion for another day.) These things are like
blankets that you wrap around your neck. I LOVE THEM. And so I bought
myself one. Which actually turned out to be really good because its
been like springtime here in Spain! Sunny, slightly breezy, and just
cool enough that you need just a jacket OR a
blankety-soft-hugenormous-european scarf. So I basically am a native
now! WIN. Ok, so the Park. It was probably the best time so far! (no
referrals this week though... kinda a bummer.) I was with Hermana
Humbert and a new girl from Italy named Sorella Bellomo. Which was
really cool, because between the 3 of us, we effectively covered 5
languages! English, Spanish (ish), German, Italian, and Sign Language.
The last one, I mention because I ACTUALLY GOT TO USE IT! IT WAS THE
BEST THING EVER! Actually it was super hard because ASL And SSL are
definitely not the same thing. So communication was a little rough.
But I just got to talk to this girl from Madrid and she told me about
her all-deaf girl´s futbol team, which was really cool. Anyway, Tender
mercy of the week! Then we got ANOTHER blessing of knowing so many
languages! Things were a bit difficult at the start, and people
weren´t very friendly despite it being a beautiful day, so we decided
to go off on the grass and say a little prayer. (keep in mind this
park is HUGE. Like a slightly smaller Central Park.) and we asked for
help to be able to communicate with people. Ended the prayer, looked
around, went up to the first guy that we saw, and started to talk with
him. He was an Agnostic History Professor here, and guess what. He
spoke completely fluent English. Spanish. German. AND ITALIAN. We all
had to laugh at that. A fairly visible miracle right there. And even
though he wasn´t exactly receptive of our message, he was very kind
and interested in learning about why we were here and what we
believed. So cool! On that note, in the last two weeks we´ve recieved
10 italian speakers who are leaving with our group to go back to
italy, and, drum roll please, 23 new Americans who are here to learn
Spanish! Mom, you must´ve met one of the 8 missionaries who had a visa
issue, because originally we were supposed to get 31! Things around
here are a little...nuts. I´m kinda glad that we had the chance to be
part of the smaller group and that we´re getting ready to leave. :)
They´re really fun though! The first day that they got here we had the
most... interesting food that I´ve had so far here in Spain. Black
pudding was one of the things on the menu. Not. Ok. Blood was not
meant to be eaten, my friends. Especially like THAT. Esta bien. My
favorite thing this week was that we got to watch Characteristics of
Christ the mormon message with all the descriptive words of Christ.
You know the one I´m talking about? I love that video so much. I´ve
written as many of them as I can remember down and I´m working on them
one at a time. And we got to watch the same video of Elder Holland
talking about the Apostle Peter, and it was like a hammer to my heart!
I LOVE Peter and every day I gain a greater love for my Savior, Jesus
Christ. And I love that I get to add my hands to the thousands out
here in the world actively trying to do the work of the Lord. I´m so
excited to get started! I love you guys and I miss you all and am

praying for you all! Love, Hermana Larson

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