Thursday, January 14, 2016

Which week am I in?

I´ve officially been a missionary for four weeks now! Two days short
of an entire month! WOOOO HOOOOO!!! That really is pretty insane
because I feel like I just got here and like I´ve been here forever at
the same time. This week especially seemed to FLY by, and here we are
at P-day once again! Let´s see... This week was more about getting
into the swing of things, so it seemed like a normal(ish) week for the
most part. Last thursday we went to the mall, which wasn´t really as
fun as any of us were hoping for. But we did get quite a few contacts
and recieved more stares than I think I ever have in my entire life.
Funny what a skirt and a nametag will do, isn´t it? ;) But the best
part of it all was getting to go to the grocery store that was inside
the mall. FOOD IS THE FUNNEST THING. We browsed for a while, just
looking at the rows and rows and rows of fish and crabs and starfish
and octopus and squid and such,(still not tempted to eat any of that
stuff, oddly enough.) And then moved on to the Hamon(?) section. You
know, the racks and racks of Pig´s legs? 

Crazy. And fun. Also, there
is Hamon flavored EVERYTHING here. Chips especially. And we learned
that if you bring one of those suckers while tracting, you have about
a 98% chance of getting into ANY house. (too bad that´s not really a
practical or realistic method of spreading the gospel. ;) Friday was
probably more studying, to be honest I don´t really remember, ha. And
then Saturday we went back to the park and PREACHED THE WORD. This
time I was companions with Hermana Hojholdt (the Danish sister I room
with) and it was a much better experience! Still humbling, and it took
us a bit to really get started, but oh man it was such an amazing day.
The first guy that we talked to was my favorite, but i´ll get into
that one in a second. Through the day we talked to quite a few people,
and tried to give away as much of our stuff as possible, (we ended up
giving away our first 3 Book of Mormons!) and struggled through our
Spanish, though I think some people actually found that endearing. It
was also a good conversation starter! You know, ¨Hola! Yo enseño
español. Por favor, que es la palabra por (insert random object here)¨
And again, I must testify of the Gift of Tongues! There were so many
conversations where I really should not have known what was going on
or known what to say, but the words came. It´s so amazing! The last
guy that we tried to talk to though, was tough. He started out really
nice, we had a nice conversation, and then he brought up ¨los
mormones¨. He would ask us questions, give us about 5 seconds to give
a satisfactory answer, and then he would go off about how in order to
claim that we were the true Church, we would need an explaination for
every aspect of the Bible and Book of Mormon. We attempted to just
bear our testimonies, but this guy  wouldn´t let us get a word in
edgewise. That was pretty discombobulating, and luckily for us we had
to leave to go to the fountain so we had an excuse to get out of that
Bible Bash, but it was more than a little disappointing. I have to
admit that I kind of felt the urge to take him by the shoulders and
look him in the face and say ¨Please! Listen for just a second and
understand that we are 19 year old girls out here to bear testimony,
not compete with your knowledge of the Bible!¨ I was blessed with a
more patient companion, though, so when we were on the Metro heading
back home, we discussed how, through all the points that he brought up
that we could understand, we weren´t shaken in our faith. We know that
this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and no matter how many
questions or facts or speculations this guy or others could give us,
we can´t be moved from that. It´s the truth, and we´ve been lucky
enough to find it. So that was a good experience after the fact. But
back to the first guy that we talked to: His name was Juan. We saw him
sitting on a bench just looking at a fountain, and after some dragging
of feet and shrinking in terror, we screwed our courage to the
sticking place and we decieded to go over and talk to him. He was a
little...apprehensive at first, but we just tried to make friendly
conversation and get him engaged, and he finally opened up a little.
He had just moved here from the Dominican Republic about 3 months
before, and he found
the missionaries about a month after he got here (WHAT). They took
down his number and name and address, and then guess what. THEY NEVER
CALLED HIM!!!! Ugh I was so mad. He told us about how he was still
kind of interested and we gave him a couple of pamphlets and the
address of the church building and he said he would try to make it to
church this coming sunday (of THIS week.) I have been praying so hard
for him! it was the first time that I really felt in my heart the love
that the savior has for this man, and my own love for him as my
brother and my desire for him to find Happiness in this gospel. Oh man
I hope he comes to church and I hope somebody finds him. Ok then this
week President Lovell gave a farewell talk because he´s leaving us
next week and the French Sisters left on Tuesday and it was so. Good.
He described to us what he has observed of the missionaries that he
has sent out and heard of them doing the best that they can do. Here
are the attributes he encouraged us to develop to become the best
missionaries that we can be and to be closer to Christ.
Seek to be invested with Power from on High
Be loving
Have a vision to help others come unto Christ
Inspire and serve others, especially other missionaries
have a positive and faithful attitude
be united with leaders
consistant and constant
and worthy of trust
I love you all and This is amazing!!! I ´m so
grateful and blesssed and glad to be here!

love always,

Hermana Larson

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