Monday, February 22, 2016

A Day in the Life

Hola amigos y familia!
Another week goes by in Badalona. Life here is pretty swell for the
most part, pretty nuts for the rest of it. But let me give you a quick
little tour!

7:30 AM. Arise and shout, the missionaries get up! Boo yah! Mornin'
prayers and then exercise first thing!
8:00 AM. Get ready for the day. Put on a skirt and a coat and a
blanket probably, because our apartment has no heating so it's
FREEZING in the morning time! But we have a lot of fluffy, warm
blankets, so we're good. I water the flowers that we have on our
balcony, grab myself a bowl of Muesli (which is magical granola
delicious cereal stuff that you can only get here) and some milk from
a box, and settle down for...
9:00 AM. Personal Study! One of my favorite parts of the day. It's
especially nice to have investigators to keep in mind while I'm
reading scriptures or talks or other articles!
10:00 AM. Companion Study. I also love this part of the day because I
LOVE my companion!!! Prep for investigators, practice vocab for
lessons, learn more about being a missionary, SING CAUSE MY COMPANION
IS A BOSS AND SHE IS PROFESSIONAL, and get ready to meet with people.
12:00 PM. Enter the world and get stuff done! Contacting or citas with
investigators, it's always an adventure! Often we meet some really
amazing people from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Here in Badalona, it's mostly
people from Africa and South America and Pakistan, but occasionally we
meet someone born and bred in Spain or another European country.
2:00 PM. Go back to piso for comida, usually we cook for ourselves but
we get to eat with members occasionally! We like cooking together, my
piso-mates and I, and it's tasty, but it's always nice to get to have
some really good food with the members! This week, for example, we had
a really great Peruvian dish called Cabrito, which is a mountain of
rice and white beans and yummy sauce and goat! Haha it was really good
and I think it might be my favorite thing we've had here so far!
Always there is Coke and a water bottle on the table, because we can't
get good drinking water from the tap. So we buy a six pack of giant
water bottles once a week and that's our drinking water! Haha We
always have to sing that song from Jungle book about fetching the
water, cause that's how it feels, haha. But it's fun! And then we have
postre, which is usually a piece of fruit or a yogurt or something,
good stuff!
3:00 PM. Language study! Duo lingo is my friend during this time.
4:00 PM. Back out and about again! Contacting and citas and citas and
contacting and WALKING. Hopefully my legs will be super great by the
time I'm done!
10:00 PM return home for the night. On the dot, sabe? If we're still
out and about and it's 9:55, we RUN home, because here we strive for
exact obedience.
10:05 PM plan for tomorrow! Call members and see who can come out with
us, (everyone is awake WAY late here.) and plan citas and lessons and
such for the next day.
10:45 PM get ready for bed and tomorrow! Do laundry, we only have a
washing machine, so we do what EVERYONE in Spain does and dry our
clothes and sheets and stuff on a rack or laundry line. Eat if we're
hungry, but usually we're not, and write in journals and stuff.
11:30 PM. In bed, ready to rest up for tomorrow!

This is an amazing work and I am so blessed to be a part of it! I love
you all and I love my savior and my Heavenly Father and these people
-Hermana Larson

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