Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I'm alive and I have an Area!!!

Hola from the other siiiiide!!! The other side of my mission training,
that is, AND the other side of Barcelona. Hello, Badalona!!!! I'm
officially out in the field. How weird is that. Aaaaannd I'm a bit of
an emotional wreck for the moment. Lots of FANTASTIC emotions, though,
because my trainer and roommates are AMAZING and I LOVE them! Sister
Perkins is from Riverside (Moreno Valley?) California, and this is
actually her last transfer before she heads home. 😖 But she is
WONDERFULLY talented and super nice and she is extremely musical and
has an incredible singing voice so we will have a lot of fun, I just
know it. My area is causing me a bit of stress at the moment, just
because I don't knew what to expect just yet. Hehe the first thing
that Hermana Perkins said to me when my area was announced was, "We're
in like the ghetto of the ghetto! You're going to LOVE IT!" Hahaha.
SO, I'm a bit nervous, BUT I'm also very excited. We live about 10 ish
minutes from the Sagrada Familia, and about 6 blocks away from the
beach (which I won't see for my entire mission, because European
beaches are dangerous and so we steer clear.) I'm feeling a bit like
its my first week in the MTC again, because I've just been separated
from my "family" from the beginning. Hermana Humbert is now somewhere
closer to the middle of Spain, and Hermana Lofgren is on the islands!
( incidentally I also saw Elder Nathan Jones packing up to head there
as of yesterday. I guess if you go to the islands you only get 1
suitcase, and you leave the rest at the mission home. Kinda glad I
didn't have to do that first thing!) My "Elder Brothers" that have
been with us since day one of Provo are all over Spain as well, though
none of them are as close to Downtown Barcelona as I. I'm gonna miss
them a lot! We took an early morning train here from Madrid on
Tuesday, which contained a lot of talk about where we might end up and
we made plans to have a Provo-CCM Barcelona bound district reunion in
London. (Because 6 of us are from the states and ONE of us is from
England. Makes sense that we would go over there, right?) Anyway, I'll
miss them. BUT in this area we have 2 baptisms scheduled for this
month and lots of progressing investigators and LOTS of work to be
done! I'm so excited to get started!!! And I haven't even talked about
presidente y Hermana Dayton  yet but I love them and I'll write more
on next p day, which is normally on monday but we're having it on
Tuesday next week. Anyway I love you and I miss you so much and I pray
for you every time I get the chance! Love you so much, talk to you


Picture Credit: Google Maps

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