Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Miracles

Buenos Tardes Familia y Amigos!

This week in the life of me, time went by very quickly YET AGAIN!
Surprise! We had a Zone Conference on Tuesday, which was so amazing,
because we got to hear a lot from President and Hermana Dayton and we
learned so much about Missionary work and the gospel! As part of that,
we got a special invitation from President. This week, as a gift to
the Savior for Easter, the goal was to especially focus on our New
Investigators goal of 8 every week, and try to get 8 investigators
each companionship! That was pretty hard, especially here where people
aren't very interested in hearing more than we tell them on the
street. But after days of full-on knocking doors and contacting in the
Street, we found our last two on Sunday Night, the deadline! BAM!
Easter miracles! Speaking of Easter, this week was really fun because
we got to see a bit more of the Spanish culture around Easter.
Actually, Easter was pretty chill, which was surprising because about
60% of the people here are Catholic, but there was a holiday on Monday
called the Mona(?) which is basically a day where Godparents get their
Godchildren a little circle-shaped cake that has feathers and
chocolate on it. I don't really know why, but it sure was fun to see
all the cakes! They all have chocolate figurines and stuff so they
each cost about 30-40 Euroes. Needless to say.... The missionaries
didn't participate further than looking at the cakes though the glass.
;) It's beginning to look a lot like SPRINGTIME here in Badalona City,
so people are emerging more from their houses and everyone's feeling a
bit more kindly towards their friendly neighborhood Mormons. Also, a
strange tradition that they have here, (I think it's just a Ghetto
Badalona thing) is to carry around these little lunch-box shaped
things to wherever you go, then once you find a sunny little spot with
people to talk to, you unzip the cover and reveal that the lunchbox is
actually (PLOT TWIST) a wooden cage with a live bird inside! Bam! I
don't know if the description makes sense, I'll have to take a picture
to prove it, but it is a trend that is EVERYWHERE here. You'll see
these old Spanish men with two or three cages in each hand just
walking down the street to their park... It's quite entertaining. ;)
With investigators this week, things have been making progress slowly
but surely, and everyone's been getting excited to hear about General
Conference! It's something that we even talk about in the street with
new contacts, about how we get to hear from Prophets of God and get to
hear the messages that our Heavenly Father wants us to hear for this
day and age. That's a pretty unique and wonderful message to share,
isn't it? We're so blessed to have the knowledge that comes from our
prophets and apostles in the latter days! It's incredible as well all
the help that we are constantly receiving from our Heavenly Father
though personal revelation, scripture study, church attendance,
patriarchal blessings, and more! It's just such amazing proof of a
loving FATHER in Heaven, isn't it? That he makes sure we have every
resource possible to feel of his love and his guidance. HALLELUJAH!
(Like the Easter video... Get it?) Anyway, I'm totally pumped for
General Conference, especially to be there with some of our
investigators! I know that President Monson is a true prophet and that
the apostles and other general authorities are also called of God as
prophets, seers, and revelators. I AM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE! I'm
so thankful to be here in Spain, getting to experience and see and
testify of the Father's love for his children. Each of his children. I
am so blessed to have this experience and to be in the presence of so
many amazing members of the church, and I'm so privileged to get to
learn of their conversion stories and hear of their faith! I love you
all, and I'll talk to you next week!

-Hermana Larson
 Sagrada Familia

With her companion, Hermana Birch


New Chapa!

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