Monday, March 21, 2016

Hola Familia y Amigos!
I'm so sorry, things have been so hectic over the last couple of weeks
that I haven't written very much! La vida misional seems to go by so
quickly and so slowly all at the same time. Every day this week has
been a blast, we've mostly been contacting and trying to get in
contact with all the people that had missionaries working with them in
like... 2007 to see what they remember and how they feel about the
gospel. Usually, people aren't very interested, but occasionally we'll
come across someone who would like to meet with us and who are
(hopefully) more ready to accept and apply the blessings of the gospel
this time around! So we have quite a few appointments this coming week
that I'll have to update you on next week. I've already been
companions with Hermana Birch for almost two weeks now and I haven't
told you practically anything about her! She's really funny, she's
from Florida, she's the oldest sibling and she has 4 younger brothers,
and she's been out here for a while now so she knows LOTS about
missionary work! It's been really fun to see the differences between
her approach and Hermana Perkins approach to la Obra and to be able to
apply each of their suggestions and ideas and see how they work for
me. She's been helping me a lot with Spanish, so I feel like I've been
progressing a lot over the last couple of weeks. I still get a stutter
when I'm out on the street contacting or talking to people, but in
lessons and interacting with members, speaking has definitely become a
lot easier. We also have Hermana Francisco in our Piso now, who I
actually got the chance to meet and get to know a little bit during my
time in the CCM in Madrid! She came in the transfer after me, so we
got about a week to get to know her group. She is really cool, she is
part Apache and part Navajo Indian, and she has attended school in
Cambridge and in Washington DC and then she decided to come out and
serve a mission! Piso has a very different vibe from before, but I
like the different dynamics and it's been really fun to talk and laugh
and cook with this group as well!

L-R: HermanaFrancisco, Hermana Larsen, Hermana Birch, Hermana Larson

 We had our New Beginnings in our
ward this week, which was super fun because Hermana Birch and I were
asked to help out a little bit with a special musical number that the
young women were going to sing. There are about 8 young women in the
Badalona area, so they combine the young women activities for both the
wards. They went full out with their program and decor and most of all
with the refreshments! That's something you can always count on here,
a good supply of really tasty goodies at every activity. ;) Even at

This week was SUPER fun, because it was warm, but it was
drizzling a little bit so it felt like living in Washington again. We
played Futbol for a while, but then things started to get a little bit
crowded so some of us split off and started playing Frisbee instead.
It was such a fun game, and because it's not very well known in Spain,
everyone was about on the same level and it made things a little less
intense. (Almost everyone you meet here can play futbol like a
semi-professional, so games get pretty competitive occasionally.) BUT
the grass was pretty slippery after the rain, and while I was making a
super impressive catch, (it was VERY impressive) I slipped in the mud
and accidentally landed on my ankle wrong. (I still managed to keep
hold of the frisbee, though, so at least I have my priorities right.
;) It's been pretty sore since then, which makes walking a little
difficult, which is a problem because this is an area where we walk A
LOT, but I've been icing and elevating it when we can, and it's been
improving. I should be all better within a day or two! It's been
raining all week, which has put me in a really good mood! (We've got
opposite energy-charging weather, mom.;) And we go through the streets
singing songs and running from appointment to appointment to get out
of the rain. We've also been working on making cards that we can pass
out that have our information and a picture of the chapel and a map
and directions and information and all kinds of stuff on them, but the
end result is pretty great, not going to lie! We're pretty proud to be
Graphic designers now, as well as missionaries. ;) Not much progress
with our current investigators this week, I'm afraid, but We've got a
lot of appointments this week, so I'm excited to see what happens!
Let's see.... Did I mention English class already? Every week we teach
a free English class which has been a point of interest and has helped
us generate some investigators! (Mostly for the other areas
unfortunately... But they're still great investigators!) It's actually
a great help to me because then I get to learn new phrases in Spanish
as they learn them in English! We've also been trying to speak just
Spanish while on the street which has also helped my memorization of
the conjugations POR FIN. Irregular verbs still give me trouble,
though..... I've got work to do. ;) That's life for right now! Lots of
work to be done, and I'm so happy to be here and to have the chance to
take part in it! I love you all so much and I miss you and I'm praying
for you constantly! Have a good week and I'll talk to you soon!

-Hermana Larson

PS. This week I've been studying the talks "The Three Gardens of God"
by Elder McConkie and "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence"
By Elder Klebingat. They are such amazing talks and if you want some

fantastic study material, these are them! ;)

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