Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time to say Goodbye

This week was pretty strange, because all week we've been doing little
things to prepare for Hermana Perkins to leave. We made a list of
investigators and everything that we knew about them, made a map of
the area and where everything is, got her all packed up and ready to
go, and this morning we officially parted ways. Guess what. I bawled
like a small child when it finally came time to say goodbye. She has
been such an amazing example to me and a stellar missionary and
phenomenal trainer over these last 5 weeks, and the time just flew by,
you know? She's going to be a famous Opera singer pretty soon, so keep
your eyes peeled for her. But I got my fabulous new companion, Hermana
Birch, today as well! So it's been a bit of an emotional roller
coaster, to say the least! She is really awesome so far, even after
traveling all day and having me get us lost in the metro station.
She's a trooper to put up with me. ;) She only has 2 more transfers
left in her mission, so she is a PRO and she's going to be able to
help me learn a lot about the mission as well. This is her first time
serving in the "ghetto", so she's a little nervous/ excited about
that, haha. She just came from San Sebastián, which is a BEAUTIFUL
place that's not quite so city-ish. So she's getting lots of tastes of
everything! I'm excited to get to know her even better. Hermana Leija
also is leaving tomorrow to go to Valencia, but Hermana Larsen will
still be here, and she'll be training a brand- new Hermana, which
she's really excited about! As far as investigators go, it's been a
bit of a slow and crazy week, without much progress, which is
frustrating. But we have about 4 people who are ALMOST ready to be
baptized, they just need to attend church once more or they have an
issue with a certain aspect of the gospel or something like that. So
hopefully we'll make more progress there this week!  Anyway, I
know that's not much of an update, but not much happened this week,
I'm afraid! Hopefully I'll have more to report next week. Oh, I
finished the Book of Mormon Again this week! And I'm starting over. ;)
Still working on the one in Spanish. I love you all and miss you all!
Think about you and pray for you every day!

Hermana Larson

Hermana Perkins's last Zone Enfoque!

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