Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hola Familia!

Ok this week has been really great and super fun and just a really
fantastic week in the field of the Lord! Let me tell you a little
about some of our investigators.

We're teaching this family that's part Peruvian and part Ecuadorian,
And they're super cute! They have 3 little boys, which reminds me of
Scott and Kaelyn's family. ;) They're really adorable. They live in
the attic of their building, so every time we pass by and ring the
timbre, they pop their heads over their balcony and wave to us before
letting us in. The father of the family is the cook, so when we visit
he always has something to feed us, even though we insist we don't
need it; that we'll come visit them with or without food. ;) But it's
always really really good! I get all the best parts of serving in
South America AND Europe! Speaking of which, it's been really really
really hard this week within our Ward and with many of the people who
live here, because of the earthquake in Ecuador. It's been so horrible
for these people, especially because there really isn't much that they
can do to help their family and friends back in their countries at
this moment. It was just super interesting to hear so much about
refugees in General Conference, because, while most people here in
here aren't refugees in the normal sense, a lot of people who live
here  are here because they need a new or safer or different place to
be. We never know how good we have it until we are (kind of) out of
it, you know? It just makes me so grateful for the presence of the
gospel in my life, and the knowledge of the plan of salvation again. I
think I probably talked about it before, but it's still very true.

We're also teaching an investigator from Pakistan! Did I already tell
you about him? He contacted US in the street asking for books about
Christ. And now we're teaching him! It's a bit difficult, because he
doesn't speak much English or Spanish and we don't read Urdu very
well, AND he doesn't have much of a knowledge about Christ or
Christianity, so we're starting from the very very beginning. It's
something that we've never really done or talked about before, so it's
always an adventure when we meet with him, but he's super great and
eager to learn!

We just met a new investigator family last night, and they're from
Colombia. We're so excited to continue meeting with them and getting
to know them a little better, but from what we can tell, they are
AMAZING! It's so hard these days in Spain, because it's very clear
about how the Family is under attack. There are very few families that
are completely together, and it makes things very difficult for
parents and children alike. It's so sad to see the work of the
adversary in trying to hurt the family! But this family provided us
with some great hope last night. We visited them and everyone was
present and attentive and very loving. We could feel of their love for
one another and for their unification as a family, and Hermana Birch
and I nearly jumped for joy! Isn't it a privilege to get to share the
message of Eternal families with people who haven't ever heard or even
hoped for such a concept? I'm so happy to get to spend some time here
in Espana doing that.

OH! I almost forgot to mention - I'm STAYING HERE IN BADALONA!!!!
Transfer calls came, and it turns out that the only change in our
district is that of our District leader. He's finished with his
mission and is heading home, which is really sad because we all admire
him a lot, but now we have Elder Jones (not the one from American
Fork) as our new District Leader. Everyone's really glad that we get
to stay (mostly) together, because really this is a great district and
a FANTASTIC area. I love serving here in Catalunya!
Anyway, that's it for this week! I know my Savior lives. I know that
the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and the promise that we have in
Moroni 10 is meant for ALL people, member or non-member, male or
female, black or white, bond or free. ;) I love you all and I miss you
and I'll talk to you next week!


Hermana Larson

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