Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hey there Friends and Family!!

Visiting Tibidabo on Prep Day
This week has been a long and kinda crazy one, but it's been so greatall at the same time! (This really has been the pattern for basically
my whole mission so far... Haha)

We spent a lot of time contacting this week, which has been a pretty
difficult but a really good experience! Contacting tends to be the
most intimidating part of missionary work for me so far. I don't know
why, but it's just super hard to open my mouth sometimes! So getting
practice has been a really tough but really good experience. And we've
found all kinds of really good ways to try to make sure that we're in
the right place at the right time. First we plan who we're going to
pass by the night before and pray for those specific places and
people. We have a GIANT list of people who used to meet with the
missionaries and members and less actives that we can pick from. Then
we make sure to do First Contact as we leave our piso, to ensure that
we won't be afraid to talk to anyone. :) As we make our way from
address to address, we try to make contact with as many people as
possible, whether that be helping someone carry something heavy,
smiling and saying hello to people who are passing, or actually
stopping someone and introducing ourselves. Hermana Larsen and I were
on an intercambio this week and she introduced me to a game where you
think of a color, and you introduce yourself to anyone and everyone
wearing that particular color. You just find little ways to say to the
Lord, "hey! I'm ready to find the people who are ready to listen to
us! I'm going to do my part; here's where I'm going to be. Will you
send the person who has been looking for this gospel to one of those
places?" And you know what? Every day we found someone that wanted to
listen! Or at least someone that we could give a Book of Mormon and a
pamphlet to, and leave with a prayer. We saw SO MANY LITTLE MIRACLES
this week! So many people who we might not ever know what happens to
them, but who we were able to share a piece of our message with.
There's quite a staggering statistic about contacting in the streets
and everything. Are you ready? 1 out of every 500 people who gets
contacted through knocking doors gets baptized, 1 out of every 1000
people who gets contacted in the street gets baptized, and 1 out of
every THREE people who is a member reference gets baptized. Can you
believe that??? We've really been trying our best this week to try and
stress member help as we're working with people, because really the
members have such an amazing influence on missionary work! Really,
membership in this church is kind of like your mission call, I think,
haha. Now that we have tasted of the fruit, we have people who we are
looking for to share it with, right? Lehi immediately thought of his
family, Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah immediately thought of
their enemies, the Lamanites! We've gotta share it!!! SHOUT IT FROM
THE ROOFTOPS! Can you imagine, especially in this day and age, how
broad the influence of just one person can be? It's just amazing.

Another miracle we had this week, really quick, came from our pass-by
list. We've been going through our ward list and trying to visit every
person on the list who lives in our area. We haven't seen a whole lot
of success from that, as either the people have moved or they're not
really on good terms with the Church or the Members for whatever
reason, but this week we saw a MIRACLE. There was one name that kinda
stuck out to us a bit, simply because it was not very
Spanish-sounding, so we decided to visit them this week. When we
finally found their house after walking for about an hour, we knocked
on the door and asked for this particular sister. The man who answered
the door called her over, and she sees these two little American girls
with Chapas standing on her porch, and she just bursts into the
BIGGEST grin!!!! She comes over and sweeps us into a hug and starts
talking to us about how long it's been since she's seen any
missionaries, and how long it's been since she thought about the
church. Then she steps back and just looks at us for a minute, and
starts crying, still smiling from ear to ear. She didn't tell us too
much about why she wasn't coming to church, how she was converted, or
anything, but she just kept repeating that there were "so many
wonderful memories" that kept coming to her mind. That brought some
tears to my eyes as well... Not going to lie. She said she had
actually lived in Utah for a year and half, and she and her family had
been super active during most of her life after her baptism. And she
remembered how blessed she had been during those times, how beautiful
her baptism was, and the amazing spirit that she used to feel. She
even told us about how she had visited the Salt Lake Temple to do
baptisms and how beautiful that was! We're planning on visiting her
again this week, and I'll keep you updated on that.

I love you all and I know this church is true! I loved getting to talk
to you yesterday! Love you all!

-Hermana Larson

Mother's Day Face Time

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