Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hola Familia!

I'm gonna try again to go through things day by day and see what
happens. If I repeat some stuff, I'm sorry!

We went bowling and ate Taco Bell as a district with our brand new
District Leader, Elder Jones. I..... Lost. Miserably. But I'm going to
blame that on the fact that I was wearing a skirt and that part of the
competition was about creativity, and the two don't go together well
often. But overall it was really fun! I love wholesome recreational
activities with good friends. :) Then we visited some people and
headed back to piso for the night.

Mont Juik

We had District meeting with everyone, which was really good, as
always! In district meeting we review our work over the last couple of
weeks and make goals for the next couple, learn how to live better as
missionaries, and just get all on the same page. It's always great
experience and we always get super pumped up for the next week! Our
goal this time is to have at least ONE baptism for this Transfer,
which will end at the end of May. So we have one month to help our
investigators as much as we possibly can! We're pumped!

Once upon a time, we were having a perfectly normal, happy little
companionship study, Hermana Birch and I, when ALL OF A SUDDEN we were
interrupted by the other Hermanas who came in, faces pale and solemn
as the grave, and they uttered one word that has turned our lives
upside down since then:


Yep, lice.

In the piso.

On the head of a certain Hermana LarsEn.

Naturally, the entire piso was in a panic that morning. We went on a
Deep-Cleaning, Lice-picking RAMPAGE. Everyone's hair went up and
nobody has so much as touched Hermana Larsen since then. (We still
love her of course... Just not enough to risk bugs in our hair.) But
Hermana Francisco has turned out to be a MASTER LICE KILLER. Every
day, twice a day, she has sat Hermana Larsen down with a lice comb AND
vinegar AND rubbing alcohol, and in a matter of two days rid the piso
completely of lice. It was a miracle to witness, let me tell you.
Yours truly has been clean so far, but I'm told that no Hermana
escapes the mission without getting Lice at least once, so I'm just
going to be wary from now on. Evidently it's a fairly common
occurrence here, so I'm gonna REALLY start being careful. But that has
thoroughly destroyed our piso over the last week, as we have put EVERY
Clothing item, EVERY brush and comb, and EVERY sheet though the
washing and drying process. So that was fun.

We decided to be fearless. And, we have learned that when you decide
to be fearless, THAT'S when you get faced with the scariest-looking
people. SO we left piso, and our first contact turned out to be a
gypsy man with a HUGE beard and VERY long hair, which, I dunno... Is
pretty intimidating at first. So I was scared. But we talked with him,
explained a little bit about the Book of Mormon, and he was VERY
receptive! He asked to know more, and when we could meet with him. We
explained that we could go over to the church at that very moment to
explain more, if he'd like. He agreed, and we started walking to the
church. As we were walking, one of our friendly neighborhood
antagonizers decided to come walking with us, yelling about how we
were lying, how the church wasn't true, and how he had already saved
himself, how he didn't need Christ or the Book of Mormon or a prophet
or anyone else. We pass this guy quite a bit, and more like him, so we
have just stopped responding now, but our poor little new friend was
pretty affected by it. As a matter of fact, as we were crossing the
street, he shoved the Book of Mormon and Capilla card that we had
given him back at me, and walked after the other guy. We stood on the
corner for a second, not sure if he was coming back or what, but
evidently the antagonizer had made a friend of our new investigator,
and he left us presumably for good. Eventually we decided to continue
on, but as I've been pondering about that experience, I've realized
that it's kind of like watching the Book of Mormon and the cycle of
faith and hopelessness that's shown there so often. Oftentimes people
get SO CLOSE to having the truth. SO. CLOSE. But right then is when it
gets the hardest to grasp. That's when your faith, your hope, your
willingness to follow Christ, always get punched the hardest. And if
you can get past that, then it's SO AMAZING. But that's the test! So
it was really saddening to watch this poor little man walk away so
readily from something that could help him so much in his life. I
guess that's the cycle a lot of the time here in the mission, and we
see quite a few instances of that happening... Over and over again.
That's really the hardest part of the mission, I think. IT'S SO HARD.
UGH. IT'S THE WORST THING. You don't remember the people who are just
rude or the ones who give you a hard time, it's the people who, even
for just a half a second, can glimpse the reality of this message that
stick in your mind. (I would say they stick in your heart, which is
true, but it's a little too cheesy.) And then, A LOT of them lose that
yeah. We have 2 families that we're working with right now that we
think are really prepared to receive AND continue in the Camino de
Luz! Someday we'll get to see it. I can feel it! Someday soon!

I love this gospel. I love this work and the chance I have to be here
in Badalona and in Spain. I am so grateful to have the influence of
this gospel in my life and the life of us as a family! I know the Book
of Mormon is true!!!
Love you all,

-Hermana Larson

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