Monday, June 6, 2016


Faaaaaamily and friends!

This week has been a pretty rough one, I'm not going to lie. Well,
with my companion it's been great! Let's start off with the good
stuff. Hermana Romero's parents are from Peru, but she was born in
Madrid, which means she has a real legitimate Spanish accent that has
been really (difficult but also) fun to try to imitate! She's super
funny, and I can just tell that this transfer is going to be great!
It's also been great because as we contact, people are a little bit
more willing to speak to people who are actually from Spain, so we're
milking that for all it's worth! ;) We've been speaking in about 90%
Spanish, with a break every now and then to ask her what a word means.
She's been SUPER patient with me and hopefully this will be a
life-changing crash course for Spanish!

As I've been trying to introduce the area, we've seen a few
heartbreaks. We had a visit set up with one of the families that we've
been working with for the last few months, but when we showed up, new
companion, member present and all, the head of the house came out,
angrily handed us the Book of Mormon, declared that he would never
pray about it or listen to us again, and asked us to leave. That was a
totally unexpected dagger in my heart, which was, for lack of a better
description, not fun. Haha yeah.... It wasn't fun. As the rest of the
week came, most of our investigators either fired or told us that they
weren't very interested. More mini daggers. I think that the reason
that these type of things happen is to get us all fired up! Now we're
more pumped up than ever to go out and find more people to teach and
share with! This is going to be a FANTASTIC TRANSFER and I can't wait
to see what happens!!!

This week I decided to do 2 things new for studies. NUMBER ONE: I'm
going to focus on an attribute of Christ every month for the next year
of my mission. (Awkward... Did I mention that I am going to be hitting
my 6 month mark in a little over a week? CRAZY!) This month is going
to be... HUMILITY! Bam. Every day during personal study and at the end
of the night, I'm going to write what I learned about this
characteristic, and then... I dunno, I guess someday I'll read through
and see what happened. Hehe, but if you wanna do the same and send me
your insights, that'd be great!

NUMBER TWO: I started a pump-it-up tag in my scriptures on my iPad.
Just things to save away for a rainy day, to pump myself up! I'm
excited to use it. Y.....esta!

That's my week! Hope that all is going well, I love and miss you
all!!! I love this gospel and the opportunity that I have to be here,
spreading the good news! I love my Savior and I know that this is His

Love you all!

-Hermana Larson

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