Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Centered Upon Families

Bueeeeeeenas Tardes Familia!!!
Aqui estamos otra vez!

I'm gonna start off by saying how much I LOVE YOU. I love you, family.
And I don't really say it enough now. So there you go! I love you all
a whooooole lot. I love you.

This week was AMAZING! We saw so many little miracles, and the hands
of the Lord were super evident every day. It's just so amazing, how
many little tender mercies there are daily if we're just looking for
(One of those BIG ones this week has been air conditioning and ice
cream. And shade. haha it's HOT here!!!!)

Last Monday for preparation day, we spent some time at the Stake
Center in Barcelona with the Barcelona Zone playing some volleyball,
which was super fun to watch! (It was a little too hot to actually
play for most of us... So we made some really good cheerleaders!) And
then we headed over to the Rambla to do some window shopping and eat
lunch. We headed back to do some compras, and then sat down to email!
It was nice to have a little more of a low-key preparation day. Then,
we headed out to go do some proselyting! 

It's nice to go contacting
later in the evening, when things are cooling off a little more. And I
love going out and talking to people during the summer evenings,
because 1) It's a time when LOTS of people are outside, just talking
and walking casually, 2) it's still light outside and THAT is
something I really love. Walking around the city when it's light is a
little less scary than walking around when it's dark, hehe. 3)People
are all together with their families! And this message is FOR, ABOUT,
and CENTERED UPON Families!!! Perfect situation. That being said,
there are some people who don't really appreciate us coming up and
talking to them, but we always find some really golden hearted souls
who take pity upon us poor sweating missionaries and offer us drinks
and fans. (Did I mention that that's something super socially
acceptable here? Fans? I love it. It's like my favorite thing.) ALSO
my favorite things that I have definitely adopted from the Spanish
culture are weird sandwiches, and yogurt/fruit postres. Usually for
lunch, we're too tired or sweaty to want to cook anything, so we just
run and get a 40 cent bar of bread, a couple of tomatoes from our
favorite fruiteria, and some fancy kind of cheese, and make a fun
little Spanish sandwich! A tad bit of olive oil on the bread, toast it
for like 15 seconds in a pan, cut the tomato in half and smear it on
the bread, slices of cheese, and voila! Lunch. SUPER DELICIOUS. Also
tortilla de patata sandwiches are really really good. This week we've
been trying to do as many cute little sister-missionary things as
possible, like heart-attacking people, thank-you notes, and chocolate
chip cookies for EVERYONE! (Super expensive to make here, by the
way... Chocolate chips are practically a delicacy!)  So that's what we
spent our Fourth of July doing. Cookies! And Banana Bread muffins!
Yum. But there has been a disappointing lack of fireworks recently,
which is a shame. But no problem! We sang the national Anthem during
companion study. Brittany Spears Style. We basically killed it. Let's
see.... What else happened? Oh yeah! We got to teach English class and
we had a new student show up from off the street! He's from Pakistan,
and actually, he came to English class to learn Spanish! So we taught
Spanglish class this week. Also, for Noche de Barrio this week, we had
a movie night! Popcorn, coke, orange Fanta and all. (I'm pretty sure
those are the national drinks of Spain. They are on EVERY person's
table.) We watched The Work and the Glory #3, which was a kind of odd
choice of movies, but it was fun! As we watched it, we were talking
with a few of our members, and for the first time I realized how
blessed I was to have lived so close to temples, and especially Salt
Lake City and Temple Square! It's a dream of so many families here to
go to Salt Lake and see the temple, and I always took it so much for
granted! People here have to drive for 7-8 hours to get to the closest
temple! They plan trips around it all summer. It's so amazing to see
the dedication and love that the members here have for the temple.
I'll have to come back if/when they put a temple here in Barce!

Also, today we toured the FCBarce stadium, which was SUPER fun. I
still have to learn how to play futbol.... Most 5 and 6 year olds here
can and do outplay me every Saturday. Gotta practice a bit more!

Transfers are next week.... We'll find out what happens this Saturday.
I have 5 months in this cute little town... I'd be pretty sad to leave
I think.

I know that God lives. I know he's our Father in Heaven and that He
loves us. I know He has a plan for us. And I know that this Gospel is

I love you all!!!! Have a FANTASTIC week!!!

-Hermana Larson

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