Monday, July 25, 2016

Gandía week 2

Muy Buenas!

This week has been FANTASTIC, because we've been running all over
every day trying to get things done. I love having so many things to
do and people to see and places to be! Having a purpose for every
movement and action really makes the time fly and the work feel like
play. Being here with Hermana Stahl is SO GREAT! She's a MACHINE
(which is a really common praise-phrase here in Spain.... I can't
remember if we say it in English. It feels a little weird to type
out.) and we get along just swimmingly.

We decided one day this week,
when we didn't have anyone set up, to just do as many street contacts
as we possibly could. We ended up doing about 40, and we saw some real
miracles! People here are pretty nice, even if the most common
response here is that people have an appointment and are in a hurry.
But we found a couple of really promising news! We were also able to
have a good lesson with our investigator Mirel about the Gospel of
Jesus Christ, (pop quiz... Can anyone name the 5 steps?) and gave him
a baptismal FECHA for the 6th of August! Fingers crossed. :) we also
made a lot of cookie dough to bring cookies to Noche de Barrio, and I
BURNT THEM ALL. all of them. Ugh I was so ashamed. I didn't realize
how self-conscious I could be about chocolate chip cookies. But people
were very gracious and ate them anyway, which was really nice of them.
;) we've received a lot of invitations from the members of the Ward to
go eat with them this week, so maybe I'll get the chance to eat some
real Valenciano paella por fin. (Fun fact: the Valenciano flag has a
bat on it.  And there are oranges EVERYWHERE.)
Today we went with the Elders and a couple of members to a Chinese
Buffett and did some window shopping at our local mall. It was nice to
relax and talk for a couple of hours! Now we've gotta get our grocery
shopping done, so I've gotta head out, but I love you all! Read Alma
17 this week! It's a really really REALLY good chapter! Also, a little
late, the attribute of Christ this month was Obedience, so I'll write
up what I learned next week.

He Lives!

-Hermana Larson

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