Monday, August 29, 2016

Gandía week 7

Bueeeeeeeeenas Tardes Familia!!! ¿Qué tal, mundo?

This week has been CRAZYYY and we're just barely getting started! That
being said, I'm SO SO SO SORRY that I didn't get the chance to write
last week. We ended up being at the train station all morning, then I
sent off my baby :'( to go to Barcelona at about 11. 

Saying goodbye at the train station.  Hermana Stahl (far right) is transferred to Barcelona.
The other
hermanas came and picked me up after that and we packed a picnic lunch
and headed to a REALLY beautiful park nearby to play frisbee and drink
kool-aide (I don't remember how you spell that... Sorry!) and relax in
the summer sun. At about 3, we ran and grabbed our bags from the piso
in Valencia and headed back to the train station. Here was a group of
8 of us trainers coming up from Valencia, (including Elder Jones from
good ol' AF) so we all sat on the train and talked and dozed and read
scriptures and played Uno for a little over 4 hours. We got to
Barcelona at about 10, so we just gathered all the hermanas and
crammed 8 of us in the tiny 2-Hermana piso there in Barcelona. The
next morning we woke up nice and early, got all cute, and headed over
to the Capilla, because there were THIRTY ONE trainers, and THIRTY ONE
NEW MISSIONARIES so we couldn't all fit in the mission home. THERE
WERE SO MANY PEOPLE! We had the trainers meeting with President and
Hermana Dayton and the Ayudantes, and then we came in and ate pizza
with all the new hermanas. (And elders.... But I was pretty focused on
trying to figure out who my new companion was going to be.)
We had a meeting with everyone, emphasized the importance of
maintaining the "El Faro" standards of excellence, and then the moment
came!!! The gold envelope was delivered, and one by one President
Dayton called the names of each missionary trainer, we came up and
pointed out our area on the map, and he read the name of our new
companion!!!! THAT WAS WHEN I FINALLY GOT HER!!! The magnificent,
wonderful, remarkable Hermana (Farkle) McBride! {This is a reference to one of our favorite picture books, "The Remarkable Farkle McBride" by John Lithgow.} President read off her
name, and I ran over and gave her a hug, and she picked me up and spun
me around, and that was when I knew we were going to be best friends.

She's the GREATEST! She's from Zionsville, Indiana, but she spent 2
years of her childhood in Madrid, so she speaks Spanish like a pro
already! And she's a contacting MACHINE and she's so eager to be
obedient and diligent and she's just... Great! She's teaching me a lot
about K-pop (her favorite type of music) and we talk a lot about
Merlin and Avatar: The last airbender and the other MOUNTAIN of things
we have in common. She's the oldest of 3, she's got a younger brother
and a younger sister, and she's got a dog named Jack. :)AND she's a
trooper. Wanna know why? 'Cause in the first three weeks of her
training, she's spending about THIRTY HOURS on the train- going to and
from Barcelona 3 times, with a fourth time at the end of September.
SHE'S A MACHINE!!!! We're currently back where we were last week-
waiting for a train in Valencia so Hermana McBride can go finish her
residency. She'll get back tomorrow night, we'll get back to our area
on Wednesday morning, and then we have until next Wednesday, when we
return to Barcelona for a Hermana's Conference (which I'm really
really REALLY excited about!!!)  and then we have an Area 70 touring
the mission at the end of September, so we'll be going up there
together. :) That much time away from your area is rough on anyone,
especially a new missionary, so it's just evidence of how great she is
that she can go through all that with a good attitude.

So we just got back to our area on Thursday afternoon, and got to
visit with a couple of our investigators and members to introduce her,
and she's already fitting in so well here. I can't wait to see what
this transfer holds!

We also moved to a new district this transfer, which is kinda crazy,
but it's good because it means that we only have to travel to Cataroja
every week, rather than all the way to Valencia. Our new district and
district leader are both great! Unfortunately for all, I'm the only
one who can play a few hymns on the piano in our district, so I have
to play for our district meetings. (I'm sorry mom, I should've stuck
with piano lessons!!!!) So everyone will be pretty good at singing "We
thank thee o God for a prophet" and "nearer my god to thee" by the end
of the transfer. :)

I found a quote by President Hinckley this week that I really really love!

"The best antidote I know for worry is work. The best medicine for
despair is service. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of
helping someone who is even more tired."

#ILoveMissionaryLyfe #GreatestCompanion #GonnaBeAGreatWeek

I love you all! Talk to you soon!
-Hermana Larson

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gandía week 5

Hola Familia!!!!

Another fantastic week here in Gandía! We had District meeting on
Tuesday, so we headed over to Valencia for the morning/afternoon.
That's always an adventure, haha. It's so weird being outside of the
City far enough to have to take an hour's train ride to get there! I
love being in our pueblo, though. It's a little (a lot) cleaner and
it's SO NICE to be surrounded by mountains again.  We are also about 5
minutes away from the beach, but we haven't been there since my first
week here. It's tougher in the summertime to find people who actually
LIVE here, haha. Most people we contact, especially the closer we get
to the beach, are tourists. And the investigators we would love to
meet with go on their own vacations for months at a time. Hopefully
that should slow down a little bit within the next couple of weeks,
because summer is almost over. (WHAT???)
We were also hoping for more people to contact this week, because the
weather has finally been cooling off and not being so impossible to
handle. (The Valencianos are awake for part of the afternoon now! ;)
Unfortunately for us, Mother Nature decided that we needed a nice
splash, and on Tuesday what started off as a light sprinkle turned
into a torrential storm in the space of 2 minutes. Hermana Stahl and I
had planned on going contacting with one of our members, and we were
on our way to meet him in the Plaza, when we suddenly hit a wall of
water and wind so fuerte that it broke my companion's umbrella and
started flooding the streets. I've never seen such a downpour in my
WHOLE LIFE!!! We were giggling and having a ball, trying to fight our
umbrellas and push through the wind, because our poor member friend
was already waiting in the plaza! We finally reached him, screamed out
an apology above the noise, and laughed as we all tried to find cover.
As thunder and lightning started to get louder and brighter, we
decided that heading over to the chapel would be our best bet, but
that required another 10 minute run in the rain. Luckily for me, my
companion has a good sense of humor and she loves the rain! We ran
home, pausing occasionally to help people who were stranded to get to
their cars or to buildings nearby. It was the BEST MORNING!!! When we
finally made it to the chapel, we jumped inside and sat there,
drenched and dripping, singing songs and watching the rain until it
stopped. Lucky for us, it stopped before mediodia because we had an
eating visit with a couple of our members! Later that night we taught
English class to Karen, the only student who showed up. (She's also
the investigator who showed up to the church with her mom a couple of
weeks ago!) We got to explain a little more to her about who we were
and why we were here, and she enjoyed the spiritual message and prayer
at the end, so we're trying to meet with her again today or tomorrow.
Then we had weekly planning on Thursday, we got to teach a lesson to
Mirel, our investigator from Bolivia, and had Noche de Barrio. (I've
never played Uno so much in my life as I have in the last few weeks
here. I think I'll have to head to the professional leagues when I get
back!) Friday we had more contacting, which was tough because a couple
of missionaries in our district have started getting pretty sick
(including yours truly). At the end of the night, though, we got to
visit our new investigator family at their peluqueria! We got to play
with their baby, who made the discussion a bit difficult at times due
to his eagerness to walk around and be chased by his parents. ;) But
he's super cute and they were super nice - they brought us over to the
Cafe next door and bought us orange Fanta and potato chips! I'm
starting to develop quite a taste for the national snacks of Spain. ;)
Unfortunately, as we were trying to talk, a table close to us started
having a very heated discussion that almost turned into a full out bar
fight, so we didn't get to teach as much as we would have liked.
They're great though! Hopefully we can get them to come to church this
Sunday! :) Saturday we decided that we were going to do our favorite
thing: CONTACT ALL DAY!!!! WOO HOO!!!! We cut our Companionship study
by an hour and hit the streets early, searching for more people to
teach. We were able to find a couple of people who were willing to
listen to us, and one that even said he would come to church on
Sunday! (Though he ended up not coming) Then we had a nice big lunch
at the church with one of our member families, which was great because
I've been missing my Ecuadorian food quite a bit! They're super nice
and we got into a nice long discussion about the different types of
rice they use here vs in the US, in South America, and in Asia. ;) The
things you learn! After Language study, we went back into the streets
again, this time with one of our members, Andrea. We were able to get
into a building to knock it, which is one of my favorite things to do.
It always brings a lot of surprises, a lot of laughs, and quite a few
miracles! We had decided that if we could hit 100 contacts by the end
of the day, that we could buy pizza and bring it to sports that night.
At the end of it all, we didn't earn pizza, but we're gonna try again
this next week! Sports was great, and the Elders started teaching my
how to shoot a basketball. Hopefully by the end of my mission, I'll be
able to come home quite the deportista! ;) (I hit my 8 month mark
today! THAT'S CRAZY!!! I'm almost middle-aged in missionary terms!) On
Sunday our investigators ended up not being able to come to church,
which was kind of disappointing, but it was a great meeting where we
got to learn a lot about the Creation! We had a friend come to church
who we meet in the streets sometimes, and he kind of took over Gospel
Principles class, giving us quite an interesting testimony about the
end of the world. That was pretty interesting, to say the least,
haha... Especially as the theme of the class was originally "La Obra
Misional" or "Missionary Work". He said he enjoyed Church, though, and
told us that we were invited to his church anytime we wanted to come.
On Monday, we went to Valencia again, because we had Specialized
Conference with President and Hermana Dayton! It was so good to see
and hear from them again. 
One thing that was nice about being in Badalona is that we got to see them quite a bit! But I can understand why they don't make the trip all the way down here every week. ;) They
talked to us about being bold and overcoming discouragement, which are
things that we all really needed to hear right now. Sometimes it's so
easy to forget who we're serving and why we're here; to put on
blinders and just think about what the people around me are thinking
or saying. At the end of it all, it doesn't matter!!! Not only is it
unimportant, it literally does not matter at all. We're fighting for
the Lord's cause, and our job is to open our mouth and declare to the
world the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ, through the power and
authority that comes by the Holy Ghost. President Monson said "When we
are on the Lord's errand, we are entitled to the Lord's help. Remember
that whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies." The Ayudantes also
spoke to us about obedience and the importance of maintaining a
standard of EXACT obedience ALWAYS. While nobody is perfect, it's
important to do our best do BE our best, as exemplified by a story
found in Joshua 7. The army that circled the walls of Jericho (and
made them and one of the strongest armies in the land at the time
crumble) was pulled down and almost destroyed for the lack of
obedience of ONE of the soldiers to a strict and clear commandment of
God. To be worthy of the blessings that the Lord has in store for us,
it's important to always have our desires and intentions in the best
and right place. It was a great conference, and I learned a lot!!!
Then, today for preparation day we decided to make an "American"
breakfast for Hermana Stahl and Elder Becerra, since they've dealt so
patiently with us crazy Americans for the last 5 weeks. :) We made
scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits and gravy, because you can't get
much more American than that, but it still turned out pretty
Europeanized; Bacon just isn't the same here. ;) We also watched The
Other Side of Heaven, and I cried like a small child! It's hard to
describe the love that you just start feeling for people as a
missionary - especially investigators. There's a part where one of
their investigators, who truly desired to change his life and accept
the Gospel completely, dies before he is able to do so, and the Elders
are there with him as he passes away. The grief expressed by the
Elders in that scene is something that really touched me, and made me
think of the love that I have for investigators and members here in
Spain that I really.... I guess I just never anticipated. It hurts to
think that my time here with them is slipping away so quickly! We're
at the end of another Transfer already, and I feel like I just got
here! I really want to be able to return from my mission feeling like
I was able to dedicate my all to the Lord, and to be able to continue
doing so for the rest of my life. In the moments when we get home,
exhausted from walking around all day, probably not having seen the
most success, but having had opportunities to serve or to bear
testimony, that's when I really feel the happiest! It's so strange!!!
And even though this work is difficult and sometimes can be
discouraging, I know that it's the most glorious job in the world,
because we're really helping to build God's Kingdom here on the Earth.
I read somewhere this week that Faith is kindled by hearing the
testimony of those who have faith. And I'm so grateful for those who
have shared their testimonies and showed their examples of Faith to me
during the moments when I needed it most, to help me learn to grow my
own testimony. I know this church is true, and that God is our loving
Father in Heaven who loves us. Each of us, individually. I know that
for that love, he sent us to this earth, to learn and to grow and to
experience so that we could become more like him. And I know that he
gave His Son for us - so that we could have a way to return to live
with him again. I know that no matter what happens, he is always
waiting to shower us with blessings, as we just turn our faces to him
so that we can catch a few of them. :)

I love you all!

-Hermana Larson

Monday, August 8, 2016

Gandía week 4

Helloooooooo family and friends!

This week in Gandía has been the shortest of my life so far. It's not
fair! How is it possible that the time is flying by so quickly???
Soooooooooo not fair. That being said, I still have to pull out my
agenda to remind me what actually happened this week... Short term
memory loss is a real thing. Well, we got a reference from the Elders
this week that lead us to a new FAMILY! They're from Ecuador (which is
actually kind of rare here in Gandía) and they are SO prepared to hear
the gospel. They ask all kinds of really good, genuine questions that
makes us really feel the spirit a TON and gives us lots of
opportunities to testify, which is, in some ways, the most important
thing. Every time that we get the opportunity to speak with someone,
the more I learn that we, the missionaries, aren't the teachers.
Without the spirit, this work would be impossible. And there's no
feeling quite like being able to testify of the truthfulness of the
First Vision or the Restoration of the Gospel, and just to feel the
spirit flood the room. It's something so special. ALSO I CAN SO SURELY
TESTIFY OF THE POWER OF MIRACLES. Miracles happen every day, y'all.
That family, for instance, was a super great miracle. And on Monday,
when we were writing our emails, someone buzzed the timbre at the
church, so Hermana Stahl and I went to go see who it was. It was a
chica a little older than us, who was asking about English Class! She
and her mom both ended up coming on Tuesday to English class and asked
if we could meet with them again as well! They are so sweet and we
can't wait to meet with them again! On Wednesday morning, we had
Enfoque de Zona in Valencia, which is where all of us in the Valencia
Zone meet to get pumped up and set goals and talk about how we can
improve as missionaries. This week we had a goal of 30 INVITATIONS TO
BAPTISM FROM EVERY COMPANIONSHIP!!! Boooom! I loved that goal, because
it really helped us focus on our purpose as missionaries, which is to
invite others to come unto Christ and help them to receive the
restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement,
Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and
enduring (or persevering) to the end. Also, we as El Faro now have a
new motto! A slogan! A manner of living and a way of thinking! It's a
quote from Joseph F. Smith I think, but it's quite simply, "El Reino
de Dios, o NADA!!!" "The Kingdom of God, or Nothing!!" All good
reminders of what our purpose and goal is while on the mission and in
life in general.

Right after that we had a lesson with our investigator Jackeline, who
has been meeting with the missionaries for quite a while now. We
testified to her of the validity of our prophet, and we were actually
able to show her the video of President Monson speaking at the last
General Conference, which brought in the Spirit abundantemente, and we
were able to share our testimonies of the latter day prophets! I'm so
grateful that we are guided by a prophet today. I'm grateful for the
counsel and wisdom we receive from our Heavenly Father through him.
On Friday we were able to do a couple of Heart Attacks to a couple of
the ward members, which is one of my favorite things to do. Because
everyone lives in an apartment building here, it's a bit more
difficult to do than it was when I was a beehive in Young Women's, but
it just brings More miracles: every. Single. Time. That we do a heart
attack, we are able to get inside the building within 5 minutes. It's
amazing!! And then you post them up and you run away, and then you
just feel pretty good about life for a while. Hehehe and you get to
feel pretty sneaky. 😉 Friday for the afternoon we were able to go and
collect a couple of older members and accompany them to the church for
the baptism of the daughter of our new ward mission leader. It was
such a cute experience, and then one heck of a fiesta afterwards! Haha
not really, it's just that there was a TON of food and a TON of
Spaniards to talk to. Practically everyone in our ward is related by
blood or marriage! Spaniards tend to stay pretty close to home when
they are grown with their own families as well, so it's like a big
family reunion every time we have a meeting like that. It was fun to
get to know everyone a bit better! And it made me think about my own
baptism... Which was almost 12 years ago!!!!! That's crazy!!!! I still
remember it like it was yesterday. Ish. On Saturday we spend all day
contacting in the street, which is getting to be pretty difficult, as
it's the hottest point of the year and everyone is on vacation or at
the beach or sleeping in their houses from like 1-7:30. Then everyone
comes out of hiding. ;) but we got to go out and do a member split
with a couple of our members who are thinking about serving missions,
which was super great. Hermana Sebastiá, who was Hermana Stahl's first
trainer, came back to visit as well! She lives in Alicante, which is
about an hour south of here. That was really fun to get to talk to her
and hear about what she's up to!!! We had sports with her, and then we
got to meet up with her again on Sunday at Church. The dice landed
nicely for Hermana Stahl and I, so we got to teach Gospel Principles
AND Relief Society all in one day! Haha actually it was pretty fun,
and we got to study up a bit from the March 2008 version of the
Liahona, (not sure which month of the Ensign it was... March as well,
I guess?) all about the Savior. I LOVE IT! READ IT!

Maria Flores, who was the first member to be baptized here in Gandía,
invited all of the missionaries and Hermana Sebastiá over for food.
And she taught us how to make and eat REAL VALENCIANO PAELLA!!! For
the first time in my mission since the CCM, I actually ate paella!
Pretty good, apart from the Gambas (shrimp),  😉, but it was fun. That was a
good day. And then today, we made and executed a scavenger hunt in
Carrefour, which is a little like the European version of a Target. A
really big Target. Objects to find included most expensive thing,
manliest thing, and a natural Ginger. ;) It was pretty fun, and the
Hermanas ended up winning! Boo Yah!!!!

Also, I almost forgot, I have the things I learned from the month of
July about OBEDIENCE!!!
Here goes:

* Diligence is the mother of good fortune, and God gives abundantly to
* You can often gauge a man's ambition (and true obedience) by whether
he hates his alarm clock or considers it his best friend.
* Devoted discipleship, consecrated missionary.
* Comes from love of the Lord
* Not "giving up or letting yourself be controlled", but an active CHOICE
* STRIVING to do EVERYTHING that Heavenly Father would have me do
* Selective Obedience = No
* 2 Nephi 3:8
* 1 Nephi 3:7
* Obedience brings blessings, but EXACT obedience brings miracles
* "To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be
late is unacceptable" principle
* Doing more than what is simply "sufficient"
* Obedience=Wisdom
* The consequences of Disobedience are not always "punishments", but
natural results of choices we make ourselves. (i.e. Speeding leads to
accidents, drug use leads to health problems)
* We don't always need the "why" right now. Just need to have faith
and confidence that they are for our benefit
* Thinking more about others than of myself
* Perform EVERY WORD with exactness ---- Alma 57: 20-21
* Obedience is the first law of heaven
* Mosiah 2:22, 24
* If ye love me, keep my commandments
* It's an action, it's not passive
* Doctrine and Covenants 82:10
* Our will given for His will in all aspects of life
* I'll go where you want me to go
* 2 Kings 5:1-14
* Exact obedience is the only way we are accompanied by 100% of the Holy Ghost
* Not always about the letter of the law, it's about the spirit of the
Law as well
* True commitment
* Having lived to fulfill the commandments of God --Mosiah 29:45
* Willing to observe our covenants by sacrifice
* Obedience without faith/love/real intent is dead
* Those whom the Lord has qualified, he calls.
* "I will tell you that all your faith, religion, and profession of
religion will never save one soul of you in the celestial kingdom of
our God, unless you carry out just such principles as I am now
teaching you. Go...and attend strictly to those things which we call
temporal... Otherwise your faith will be in vain."
* Overcoming Temptation and Fear
* Luke 1:6
* To do what we know is right by God, not by men.
* "The wisdom of God may appear as foolishness to Men, but the
greatest single lesson we can learn in Mortality is that when God
speaks and a man obeys, that man will always be right. The leaders of
the church have spoken; we need only to obey. The blessings are sure
to follow."

Yep! That's July! August's theme is: Courage! Courage to be Obedient! ;)

Anyway, that's my week! Hope you had a FANTASTIC one as well, and
we'll talk to you soon!
Love you!!!!

-Hermana Larson

Monday, August 1, 2016

Gandía week 3

Hola familia!!!

This week was fabulous!! We started off Tuesday with interviews with
President and Hermana Dayton. Since Valencia is a little far away from
Barcelona, they came down here and since Valencia is ALSO a little
ways away from our cute little Gandía, we went and spent Monday night
with the Hermanas in their piso. It was fun to be in the city again
and to use the metro, but I realized I still like pueblos and suburbs
a little more. ;) But it was great! Hermana Dayton made Rice Krispie
treats for everyone, and President made us all cry from feeling the
spirit, and all in all it was a great morning. THEN we had District
meeting here on Thursday, which then melded into an intercambio, so I
got sent to Castillon! To get to Castillon from Gandía, I had to take
the hour and a half train to Valencia, and then another hour and 45
minute train to Castillon, and then do the same thing on the way back,
so I got a solid 5+ hour scripture study done from Thursday to Friday.
;) The intercambio was GREAT, and it was really fun to be with Hermana
Arauco, who was my sister training leader and good friend up in
Badalona, so it was GREAT to get to spend the day with her. We
contacted for a while, then taught English class and acted out Beach
terminology so that the students could say the word in English. Then
we headed to their piso, accompanied on the walk by a few of their
members, and picked and ate wild blackberries on the way home. I love
Valencia for that... There's always random fruit everywhere!
(Sometimes we're smart enough to not eat it. But most of the time
we're to hot and hungry to care.) The next morning we contacted some
more with one of their members, Carlos, who just got back from his
mission in Malaga. That was great, EXCEPT that I had forgotten my
proselyting shoes at home... I was wearing my nicer shoes that I
normally only wear for meetings and conferences, so by the end of it
all, my feet were bleeding pretty badly, not going to lie. Woot woot,
BATTLE WOUNDS! Take that, Satan! Haha actually, we had to stop by a
members house on the way to the train station to steal some band aids.
That wasn't very fun. But it's a fun memory! Haha. Then, another few
hours of traveling later, I got back to be with my amazing Companion

I just realized I haven't talked very much about her! She's 26,
she's Swiss/French, but she speaks English like a born and bred
American, she is the oldest of 4, with 2 younger brothers and a
younger sister. Her younger brother is currently on his mission in
Lyon, France right now, and it's fun to get to hear the stories from
just across the Pyrenees! She loves to cook, and so I've been eating
REALLY well this transfer... A little too well.  ;) We're starting a
health plan tomorrow, complete with restrictions on postres, and a
really intense exercise plan donated by Elder Castro, one of the
elders here in Gandía. (We have him and elder Becerra here with us.
Elder Becerra is from Barce, and he's a mini missionary, so he'll go
home after this transfer.) so we're gonna be SUPER FIT pretty soon.
I'm super pumped. Mirel's fecha fell through, but we're still working
with him, and hopefully we'll see his baptism this month! Which will
also mark my 8th month here in the mission.... Word. I'm feeling a
little anxious about how fast the time seems to be going lately.
ANYWAY not gonna talk about that, let's move on! Here in Gandía, we
don't really have any hills or anything, so we mostly just walk
everywhere. There's a bus that can take us to the playa if we want to
go there, but there are enough tourists (and... Ahem.... Naturalist
beaches...) at this time of the year that we don't really go there
very often. We have a few little towns in our area that we can get to
by train or through the generosity of a member who can drive, but we
have to plan ahead and we haven't been there yet. COMING SOON. Our
area consists mostly of Spaniards and Bolivians, which is FANTASTIC
because I'm hearing about a bunch of different cities and customs,
learning more about people, and trying a bunch of different foods that
I still can't pronounce. I still haven't had paella yet, but I'm told
that I'll be eating it this coming Sunday, so BOOM. Stay tuned. What
else.... Today we went on a "hike" with the Elders and one of their
recent converts, Elaine, and it was SOOOOOO HOT. 

Valencia got up to 35
degrees Celsius this week, which is about SUPER FLIPPIN HOT in
Fahrenheit. It's really humid and there's a nice hot wind that blows
at about 5 PM, so... Everyone goes inside and sleeps until about
7:30/8. Contacting outside is tough these days, but we've seen a lot
of miracles!! One of them, Ariel, is coming to English class this
Wednesday, and then we have a movie night for Noche de Barrio. I
started this thing a while back, which I call my "small plates." It's
a little notebook that I have with me at all times, where I can write
out all the thoughts and impressions that hit me especially strongly
during studies, proselyting, conferences, etc. and one thing that
REALLY stood out to me this week, was what I found in 4th Nefi 1:
15-18. It's the key to happiness and success! Study it. Love it. Etc.
anyway, I gotta go, but I love you all! Have a good week!


-Hna. Larson