Monday, September 26, 2016

Gandía week 11? 12?

Buenas Tardes!!! 
Lets see.... Starting on Sunday of last week, we got to sing a musical number! Thanks to the musical talents of Elder Garner on the Guitar, the four of us missionaries got to sing "Asombro me da" or "I stand all Amazed" in sacrament meeting. I love that song, you know? English and Spanish. The spirit that comes from music is SO STRONG. Ugh I love it. So that was really fun!!! Monday we spent preparation day at Europe's Largest Aquarium, right here in Valencia, Spain! It was a little expensive, but it had a dolphin show that made the trip SO WORTH IT. At least I think so. Haha I don't really know for sure.... maybe we're just fairly easily entertained as missionaries. But I think we all changed our post mission plans to "Dolphin Trainer", so take that for what it's worth. ;) After that, we went and had a Family Home Evening with one of our Single Adult members, Lilliana. She told us a little more about her life, and we found out that she actually lived in Utah a few years ago, which made me think a little bit. I mean, I just wonder how many of these people, particularly members, that I saw/passed by before the mission, who now I'm getting the chance to know! (Not saying that happened with Lilliana necessarily, but it's an interesting thought.) And how many of us knew each other in the pre-mortal existence, and hoped that we would get a chance to meet here on earth! #FoodForThought 
Tuesday we had another lesson with Cristian!!! It was SOOO GOOD and he, again, was SOO PREPARED!!! It made our jaws drop, how much faith he already has. We asked him if he had felt the influence of the Holy Ghost in his life before, and he told us about how he decided about a month ago that he needed to quit smoking, because it wasn't good for him, but also because he felt like that's what God wanted him to do. He talked about how even though it was hard for him to quit, and even though he still sometimes felt tempted to smoke, he felt God helping him to be stronger than the temptation and to keep going. It was incredible!! Then Hermana McBride asked him if he would be baptized, and he said YES with the biggest smile on his face!!!! We set his fecha for the 15th of October, so we'll hopefully get to see him take that first step in changing his life forever!!! 
Thursday we had Zone Enfoque which is always a blast, and then I got to go on an intercambio with an hermana in Valencia, Hermana Crofts! She's the best, and we had a REALLY AMAZING lesson with one of their investigators, Joaquin. It was so great to get back in a city, because it felt a lot like my first area, and it made me appreciate some of the things about Gandía a little more, hahaha. I have loved having the opportunity to work in such different areas! 

Valencia Zone

Stormy weather in Gandía
I'm so sorry, I'm completely out of time, but I truly love you all and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! My favorite spiritual moment this week comes from a talk in this latest Liahona by Elder Russel M. Nelson about Standing as True Millennials. ITS SO GOOD!!! I CANT WAIT FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEK!!!! 

I'll talk to you all on tuesday, because of transfers!!
El reino de Dios o NADA!!!

-Hermana Larson

*Hey folks!  It's Rebecca here! (Katelyn's mother) If you're reading this letter from Katelyn, I know she would love to read one from you!  Her birthday is coming up in October, and I would like to send her a package full of cards/letters/birthday wishes from her friends and family.  If you could send that to me this week, I'll get it to her next week, in her Birthday Package!  I know she'll love it!

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