Monday, September 12, 2016

Gandía week 9

Hola familia!
This week this week this week..... To be honest it's getting harder
and harder to remember what happens during the week as we keep going.
But this week was great!
Some highlights cause I'm running out of time-
Women's conference was FANTASTICO, and we learned a ton!! 
The Valencia Hermanas on our way to Barcelona for the Hermanas' Conference

We went up
to Barcelona Wednesday night and had the conference all Thursday
*borrowed photo from the mission blog.  See more at

Hermana Perry was there, and she spoke to us about
true happiness, and the spirit was so strong! Hermana Dayton talked to
us about being our best selves and putting our best foot forward, and
we learned about mental health and self worth from Hermana Chase,
who's serving in Palma de Menorca with her husband. It was a great
conference and I got to see Hermana Stahl and Hermana Romero, my last
two companions! Hermana Stahl and Hermana McBride and I had to take a
family photo... I can't believe how fast trainees grow up! ;)
Family Pictures!!! My two babies
Shoot I have less time than I thought.... I'll be more detailed next
week I promise! Something I learned this week was a quote from Elder
Neal A Maxwell
"As church members and citizens, we are instructed to be "anxiously
engaged" in good causes of our "own free will". But the challenge is
being "anxiously engaged" on the basis of correct principles, not on
the basis of popularity. Besides, those who are becoming more saintly
will have their own spiritual attractiveness. They will not only
receive respect from the thoughtful and observant, but may even be
able to rally the many kindred spirits in the Earth."

Add that to D&C 58:26-28!!!

I love you all!!!

Hermana Larson

Maria Flores making us some real Valenciano paella!

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