Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Gandía Shore

Muy Buenas Tardes!
So let's just start off with the big stuff. GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! WE HAVE A LIVING PROPHET ON THE EARTH TODAY!!! It was amazing. I love love love love LOVE General Conference, and I love the spirit that it brings. Hermana McBride and I were both pleasantly surprised by the answers to prayers we received during every one of the sessions. It was simply amazing.
Conference here is fun, because we have to change around the times a little bit. We were able to watch the General Women's session on Saturday Afternoon, and then we watched the Saturday Morning session right after that. Sunday morning was the priesthood session, then the Saturday Afternoon session was at 2 in the afternoon, and the Sunday Afternoon session was at 6, which was the only one that we were able to watch Live. Confused? So were most of the ward members, haha. The Majority of them just watched it from home, anyway, so those of us here were able to split up according to languages. There was Spanish downstairs on the projector, and then the missionaries and a few English-Speaking members went upstairs and watched it on an ipad or the computer in the Library. With a little adjusting each time, we were able to (miraculously) overcome some technical difficulties, and were able to listen to our prophets give their inspired words. For the women's session, we were actually able to invite one of our investigators, Yana, to come and watch it with us. She's half Bulgarian and half Greek, and speaks about as much spanish as we do, so communication, especially regarding religious terminology, is a little slow sometimes. BUT Thanks to the miraculous efforts of who even knows how many people, we were able to show her the Women's session translated into Greek! She seemed to really enjoy it, and it was really great to be able to have an experience like that! Even though we don't understand a WORD of Greek, we were still able to feel the Spirit and power of the messages that were delivered. (Later we were able to watch it in Spanish and English). 
Cristian, unfortunately, has decided to stop meeting with us, which we were disappointed about of course, but we understand that it's his decision. That being said, we've been spending a LOT of time in the streets lately, trying to find new people to teach! One of my goals since my training has been to be able to contact 100 people in one day. Hermana McBride and I are bound and determined to reach that goal, but the highest we've ever been able to get is about 70. WE WILL ROCK IT ONE OF THESE DAYS!!!! It's provided a lot of different opportunities to speak to all kinds of people from ALL over the world! Gandía is a pretty tourist-y spot, so we get people from all over. Including English Speakers, sometimes! We have yet to meet an American, but we've met people from most countries of Europe, a lot of Africa, a few different asian countries, and most of central and South america. Ain't i lucky that I dont have to go anywhere, they all just come to me? ;) One of the most incredible things that they've done here in Gandía recently is that they turned it into.... Disneyland. 
I'm not even kidding. 
Rides, booths, twinkly lights, parades, bands, concerts, freak shows, EVERYTHING. ALL. OVER. GANDIA. It took us about 45 minutes to get to our area, just trying to get through all the people. It was insane! Super amazing, but very much insane. They had different sections of the town split up, as well - a medieval market, pottery and mosaics from North Africa, Dancers from South and Central America, everything. It looked like a TON of fun, but when we're trying to bear testimony to people that we meet in the street, it was a little bit of a stumbling block, haha. But it's all good! Gotta come back someday for that. :) 
Well, that's basically the week! Findin', Teachin', Testifyin', and Invitin'! I love you all and I miss you all!!! Have a great week!!! READ/WATCH/LISTEN TO CONFERENCE AGAIN!!!! 

-Hermana Larson

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