Monday, October 17, 2016

A Day in Gandía

Hola familia! 
This week I'm also having a bit of trouble remembering what happened... haha I really need to start writing things down more. Lemme give you a rundown of what a typical day consists of: 
7:20 We wake up and get ready to go running! Hermana McBride and I have made a deal that we need to go running at least 3 times a week, and after the first few times it actually became enjoyable! (Hehe) It's tough to wake up before the sun, but we've been able to see some really great sunrises, and it's been fun to run around the orange orchards that make up the majority of Gandía. 
8:00 We get ready, eat breakfast, and prep for the day. Usually we will listen to Conference talks or EFY songs, but this week was all cloudy and cold, so we broke out the Christmas Music!! (Listen. Rain is a big deal for us here in Valencia. It's basically a Christmas miracle, so we're celebrating a little early.) 
9:00 Personal Study this week has been down and focused on the final chapters of El Libro de Mormón... and I FINALLY DID!!! This week I finally finished the Book of Mormon in SPANISH. WHAT!?!? MIRACLE!!! This time last year I didn't even know the word for "Gospel" in Spanish, and now I'm preachin' it in Spain! WEIRD!!! Honestly it's the biggest evidence to me that miracles still take place here and now. Definitely couldn't have done that all on my own. 
10:00 Companionship Study. Since we're doing the training stuff with Hermana McBride, we have two hours of Companionship Study every day. We start off with a prayer, then a song, then we read in the white handbook, and plan/practice for the lessons we'll be teaching that day. We also get to watch THE DISTRICT which is really one of our favorite things ever, and Study up to prepare for our investigators as much as we can. #PreachMyGospel
11:55 We start reciting and preparing to leave Piso with a prayer. We always recite our purpose as missionaries, 3 Nefi 5:13, our mission motto (El Reino De Dios o Nada) and our invitación bautismal. Then we each take a turn testifying of what we know to be true! 
12:00 we're out the door, preachin', teachin', testifyin', invitin' and followin' up! We've been doing a lot of street contacting lately, which means that we give ourselves a direction (i.e. A member's house) and talk to people on the way there. Always on the lookout for new people to visit! 
2:00 we come in for Comida. Usually Hermana McBride and I will cook something that includes rice, pasta, rice, pasta, or rice, and whatever else we happen to have in the fridge, haha. Occasionally we'll receive an invitation from some members, which is always a highlight of our week, and we'll get some really yummy Valencian or Bolivian food. :) 
3:00 we have language study for an hour, which usually will consist of practicing/ learning new verbs, studying out of the textbooks we have, and reading together out loud from the Book of Mormon. That part is key! Whenever someone asks us how we learned Spanish, we tell them all about our language study- the most important part is reading the Book of Mormon! 
4:00 we leave piso again and invite people to come unto Christ! We've been having a lot of visits lately with one of our investigators named Yana from Greece. She's got a FECHA for the 29th of October, and things are looking really promising with her! She's praying and reading every day, and she came to church this Sunday, which was a huge miracle! She's progressing a lot in the Gospel, and we're growing to love her more and more every time we get to talk to her. She's the sweetest! She lives at the Playa, which is the other part of our area, which we have to get to by Bus or by walking for about an hour and a half. So... we take the bus. Hehehe. We've also got a long list of people to visit and pass-by and call, so we're always busy. We've been getting ready for this Karaoke activity in a couple weeks, which is a bit stressful, but also really fun! We're hoping and praying for a lot of people to come. :) 

10:00 we're back in piso, and we plan for the next day. 
10:30 we get ready for bed, usually we'll make popcorn or chocolate milk or something and write in our journals or watch Mormon messages. :) 
11:30 we pray, go to bed, and almost the second my head hits the pillow, I'm out! Except thanks to a DIFFERENT Hermana Larsen, we've started a tradition of sharing our favorite moment of the day, so that we can always end the day on a good note. 

That's the daily life of a missionary, basically! At least here, in El Faro!  
I accidentally left my notebook in Piso today, so I still can't write what I learned about integrity/genuine(ninityness)... (And I'm pretty late already) but this month is Faith!!!! Tomorrow we're going to have interviews with President and then on Friday we get to go to Barcelona to listen to Elder Kearon and President Nelson!!! 

I love you All!!! Have a great week!! 

Hermana Larson 

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