Monday, November 7, 2016

Hey family, lo siento muchísimo i can't write a ton today, we're on a train back to Gandía from Valencia and we're just barely gonna have time to send these before we go get back to work. This week has been good! I've been thinking a lot about miracles lately, because there's been a heck of a lot of wind lately and I've been seeing TONS of "miracles" in the street. :) (sorry... family joke) and we've seen tons of incredible miracles this week. 
For example.... WE FOUND YANA!!  
I can't remember if that was last week or this week, but I think it was this week. Anyway, we found her! We went and passed by her house, and she welcomed us in and we picked up right back where we left off! Now the trick is getting her to read the scriptures and pray consistently, but she's doing great and hopefully we'll see her progress even more in her testimony! 
We also keep running into people in the street that we need to talk to! We'll be walking around in the street and we'll see investigator after investigator after investigator and finding new people to teach and testify to. It's always an incredible miracle to find someone new to talk to about this amazing plan that God has for us! 
This week, Hermana McBride and I have also been taught how to make real Spanish "buñuelos y chocolate", which is a couple of glorified terms for "diabetes in the form of doughnuts and hot chocolate pudding." LOTS of sugar. Tons. But it was fun! 


Now we know how to make those and tortilla de patata and paella, so you can basically call us Valencianas. 
Speaking of which, transfers are this next week.... crazy!!! It's probably my turn to go, but we'll find out next Tuesday. :) 
Tune in next week! :) 
Love you all!!! 
Hna. Larson 

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