Tuesday, December 27, 2016


¡Hola y feliz fiestas familia! 
This week has been the CRAZIEST thing. Quick rundown. 
Monday: Christmas exploring in Santander, looking at lights and cute little stores, then a noche de hogar with one of our cutest little investigators, Mercedes. (She's 9 years old and from Argentina. So cute! Her parents are both less active members, and we're teaching Mercedes the charlas to prepare her for her baptism on the 13th of January!) we watched the restoration video and talked about how to receive answers to prayers. 
Tuesday: I went on an intercambio in Vitoria with Hermana Stapley! It took about 3 hours to get there by bus, which was pretty killer, but Vitoria is super beautiful! And SUPER cold. Like... SUPER COLD. Luckily we had visits everywhere so we ran around and stayed nice and warm. Hermana Stapley is super sweet and we had a blast and before we knew it it was time to head back! 
Wednesday: I got back to Santander, (yay, home sweet home!!!) and we ran around doing last minute visits and service projects. Normal missionary life! 
Thursday: we woke up WAYYYY too early and headed to the bus station and to Bilbao for our Christmas Zone Conference. It was a super amazing conference, totally centered on Christ and "what shall we give him?" We had a reader's theater sing along program toward the end, which was super fun, and a testimony meeting which was the highlight of the whole thing! We also had an AMAZING lunch set up by one of the senior missionary couples here in the north, pork and mashed potatoes and green beans and gravy and apple cobbler, YUM. And to surprise the Daytons, one of the Hermanas in our Zone brought in her accordion and we all sang a missionary rendition of jingle bells and we wish you a merry Christmas. Then we ended the meeting, and the Daytons hosted a few games for us missionaries! They were just a few minute-to-win-it games, but it was SO fun to play and laugh and enjoy the Christmas spirit. :) unfortunately, the next bus didn't leave until the nighttime, so that was our whole day! 

Friday: We ran around again and then had our ward Christmas activity, which was pretty low key but really fun! Each group put on a show or a couple of songs or a skit, and we had chocolate and tortilla de patata. (One of which was made by us hermanas. Spain points!) we missionaries did an activity where we gave everyone in the room a few peanut M&M's and told them that the price for each one was 3 push ups from one of our elders. At first everyone thought that was pretty funny, but it ended up being about 300 push ups for the candies.... anyway it was a pretty powerful testimony about the atonement. Kinda hard to describe, but it was good! That night we got transfer calls, but we're staying the same here in Santander! HERMANA NELSON AND I GET TO BE TOGETHER FOR ONE MORE TRANSFER!!! Boom!!! We're super excited about that. :) 
Saturday and Sunday: Food food and more food!!! We've been blessed to have been sent to a ward that really loves feeding the missionaries, so we had 3 solid eating visits each day! Food typical of Colombia, Peru, Spain, Ecuador, and even the states, and all of it was HEAVENLY. Lots of laughs and good company and good food and a spirit that was just incredible. I love having the chance to spend the holidays as a missionary in Spain!!! And then I got to see all y'all on Skype and I just kinda flipped a little. :) Sorry for all the tears, they were happy, I promise!!! 
Just overwhelmed by how fantastic Christmas is and how phenomenal you all are and how grateful I am for the blessed life I lead. :) 
Love you all so much, don't forget it! 
Con cariño, 
Hermana Larson 

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