Monday, January 30, 2017

Muy buenas, familia! 

Quite the week here in Santander, Spain. Monday we went with one of our members, Lorena, to a couple of the pueblos just outside of Santander to do some sight-seeing and it was GLORIOUS. We saw a pueblo that has been preserved for something like a thousand years, a little bit of a museum of torture, a graveyard, a LOT of really old walls and buildings, and some really rough and OLD cobblestone plazas and roads. Successful day!

 That night we went and had a Family Home Evening with Carolina (I've talked about her and Cesar before, right?) and her sister, Daniela, who we're teaching the charlas to. They're both so great! We love getting to meet with them. We met with them again on Tuesday and again on Friday. They're the best! 

Wednesday was CRAZY! We spent the morning meeting with our friend Yanina who is trying to learn English, and then we ran to the bus station to go to Bilbao for the world-wide Missionary conference. It was SO great and we all loved it, and they made some really amazing changes to the Missionary Schedule and the way we work. We, up until now, have had 9 key indicators that we count every week, things like baptisms and confirmations and new investigators and such, and now we're down to four! (Five if you make Baptism and Confirmation separate things.) And we're planning in the morning instead of at night, and we have an extra hour of Preparation day. All of it is geared to help us become more effective and powerful Missionaries, and I love it!!! The conference lasted until nighttime, and we went right from there into an intercambio with the Sister Training Leaders in Vitoria. I went there to be with the amazing Hermana Martinez, who I have known and looked up to since my Badalona Training days! This intercambio lasted from Wednesday night to Friday morning, and consisted of trying Mate (an Argentinian traditional drink that all the missionaries here are obsessed with), having a jam session on her ukulele, cutting broken Zippers out of coats to help a seamstress of the ward, running from visit to visit, and just having a blast! Friday morning Hermana Nelson and I met up once again in Bilbao so that we could have a quick practice of a quartet that's singing for a conference that we have this upcoming Wednesday. (Elder Kearon is coming back!!!) and we headed back to Santander for our 3° visit with Daniela. And more of the same for the weekend! 
I don't know if I've mentioned it already, but we are blessed to be in an area where the members love to feed the missionaries!! It's an incredible blessing. We usually have at least 5-6 visits a week, with very few exceptions. It's amazing! Love the members here with all my heart. :) 
This week is transfers (unfortunately :() and I'm dreading the day I have to part with Hermana Nelson! These last two transfers have been INCREDIBLE and SO MUCH FUN! But she's been up north all 8 months of her mission so far, so I think she's probably ready to try something new. :) She's a phenomenal missionary and I love her so much! We'll keep you updated on the changes that'll be coming up next preparation day. :) 
Quote of the week comes from Leonardo da Vinci: 
"You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself... the height of a man's success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment... and this law is the expression of eternal justice." 
Wow! ¿Qué fuerte, verdad? I love that idea! Overcoming the natural man being our greatest victory. Still working on that one, but I love it! 

Ok, also, I kind of lost track of the Attributes of Christ thing around Christmas time.... but I'm picking it back up again! This month (February) is, obviously, Christlike Love, or Charity. 

Love you all so much. Take care and talk to you soon! 

Hermana Larson 

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