Monday, January 9, 2017

Reyes and Bautismo

This was the WIERDEST just most RANDOM week EVER. Ever ever. 
On monday we went to this little place called the Magdalena (literally, this place is called "the muffin" hehehe) with our Jóvenes from the ward. I can't remember if I've talked about this already, but it was super fun! We played Capture the flag and Ninja and fun things like that with a solid group of 10-16 year olds. Honestly, I have a lot of respect for the LDS youth here in Spain! There are a lot of negative influences that start off WAY too early in their lives, but they stand strong together and they DEFINE "wholesome recreational activities". :) 

After that we went out to do some contacting, but this week hasn't been too successful in that department, because it's the last week of Vacations before school starts again. Right between New years and Reyes.... this week has been nuts. hahaha

We've been blessed with a lot of really fantastic eating visits as well! Our members are so generous and are always inviting us to go over to their houses and eat MOUNTAINS of food; Colombian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Español, you name it, we eat it. And postres galore! The good news is that Hermana Nelson's mom just sent us a nice 90's mom workout video that we've been getting into this last week, so hopefully we'll find a nice balance there. :) 

SO with few people in the streets and few people home and few people answering their phones, we've had a GRAND miracle, and that is that MERCEDES IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!!!!! We're running around like chickens with our heads cut off a little bit, trying to get everything set up and organized for that, but we're SO EXCITED!!!! Prayers for her please so that everything will go well!!! 

Also we had REYES this week, which was CRAZY TOWN. Hermana Nelson and I were walking through one of the plazas a few weeks ago and we suddenly almost got run over by a Camel.... like, a live camel. with a middle eastern little wise man on top. and lots of presents. yep, that was random. Turns out that Reyes is actually a MUCH bigger deal here in Santander than Christmas is. So they've been prepping for this for a while. they write letters to the tres reyes magos and have a HUGE parade on the fifth, and everyone parties it up all week. Then, on the 6th, Everyone eats Roscon, which is a cake with candied fruits and sugar on top and cream in the middle, and there's a little porcelain doll and a bean hidden inside. The person who finds the doll is the king for the day, and the person who finds the bean has to pay for the roscon, hahaha. Hermana Nelson and I got a REALLY good roscon from this bakery that one of our friends runs, and it was so good that we.... ran over there and got another one later that day. So... we're both the king! yay!!! hahaha (don't worry, they were small ones.)

Gotta head out, but here's your quote for the week! "Remember that this work is not yours and mine alone. It is the Lorrd's work, and when we are on the Lord's errand, we are entitled to the Lord's help. Remember that the Lord will shape the back to bear the burden placed upon it."
-Thomas S. Monson. 

Love you all!!! Feliz Dia de Reyes and Feliz Semana and Les Quiero un montón!!!! Cuídense! 

Hermana Larson 

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