Monday, March 6, 2017


Howdeee Family!! 
This week this week this week... This week has been pretty good! We went to Bilbao for District meeting on Tuesday, which was really fun because Elder Cutrer (our district leader) themed it around Jackie Chan and how we can become good finding missionaries. Strangely, the two coincide a lot more than I thought. :) 

On Thursday and Friday we had an intercambio and this time Hermana Martinez (who I've known since Badalona) came up here to Santander to be with me. :) We saw so many amazing miracles! We were contacting and met 3 new investigators from Ghana, Joseph, David, and Bismark, and were able to extend a fecha to one of our investigators, Regla. Regla is super cute, super prepared, and already has such a strong testimony of the restored gospel! She just has had a few problems trying to get to church... so prayers for her please! The intercambio was super fun, I look up to Hermana Martinez so much! She's someone that is truly eager to share this message of happiness with everyone, members, investigators, and missionaries alike! Love her. :) 
On Saturday we were able to meet with one of the investigators that we met on the intercambio, David. Hermana Dinkelman and I were able to talk with him, out on a bench in one of our plazas, and share the message of the restored Gospel. He believes a lot in God and in Jesus Christ, but he felt as though he had kind of separated himself from God by neglecting to go to church and read the Bible. We encouraged him to build that relationship up again, were able to share that he is a beloved child of a Heavenly Father, and that doing the "small and simple things" would truly be a help in his life. He was really touched by that, and he wanted to come to church with us, but he is going to be on a trip for work (as a fisherman, how fitting is that!) until next month. Hermana Dinkelman was super in tune with the spirit and invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized! Proud mamma moment. ;) He's going to be gone for a while, but he said that he will be reading and praying between now and then and that when he gets back that he will come to church with us. It truly is all in the little things, that strong relationship with our Heavenly Father. I was reading a bit in the Old Testament and the Student Manual of Institute this week, and I've been learning a lot about the Law of Moses and the reasons/symbolism behind all of these ordinances and laws. Something that really impacted me was the realization that all of these things were in place for a very specific purpose - so that their thoughts could always be directed towards Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! They had very specific laws about what they could/couldn't eat and when and where and how, so that every time that they ate, which we all have to do and will all do multiple times a day, they would have to think about how they could best fulfill the commandments of God as they did so! Everything pointed back to Him. I love that! I think that sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the tiny little human things of life, but it's so easy to forget the MOST IMPORTANT things. Just like we get physically hungry, our spirits can become hungry as well, and deserve just as much nourishment and care! And all of that comes by doing the little things, like studying the scriptures, conversing with our Father in Heaven though prayer, and attending church and participating in the Sacrament. They really make ALL the difference! 
I was also reading in the New Testament, in the Beatitudes. And I was also reading in the Institute Manual for that, and I learned about one of the most Christlike  attributes that I have ever heard of, something that I want to truly strive to develop; Meekness! In the institute manual, it describes the Meek as those "god fearing, righteous, humble, teachable, patient under suffering, willing to follow gospel teachings, kindness and gentleness, certitude, strength, serenity, healthy self-esteem, genuine self control, allows us to be tutored by the spirit, and PREPARED FOR CELESTIAL GLORY." Isn't that beautiful? I love that. 
I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that repentance is real and powerful and beautiful. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is also real and powerful and beautiful. I know that Heavenly Father is aware and knows each of us personally and individually, that he truly is showering us with heavenly blessings. I love my Savior. I know He lives. 
Have a fantastic week, everyone! i love you! 

Hermana Larson

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