Monday, April 24, 2017

Ok family, we officially did it. We OFFICIALLY had THE CRAZIEST week ever. Absolutely nuts. 

Monday: All of our Jovenes had the day off because of Semana Santa (Easter week, basically) so we went with a big group of jovenes to go play Capture the Flag at the Magdalena, which is this really great little island-y thing that is actually connected to mainland, so it's not an island, buuut I don't know what that's called, so... there's that. It was SO FUUUN!!!! We ran around hunger games style, which was really fun and kind of more difficult due to the fact that we always have to be in eyesight and hearing range of our companion. Soooo a little more complicated, but we made it work! It was super fun. Afterwards we all headed to Domino's because here, they have this nifty little Buffet thing where you pay 7 euroes per person for endless pizza. After stuffing ourselves to the brim, the elders and us headed over to the paper store of one of our members, pablo, where we wrote and talked and had a good time. THEN immediately afterwards, hermana Dinkelman and I had to run/speed walk about 2 kilometers to the bus station to get tickets to Bilbao for our conference, because we saw online that there were only two seats left, so we ran and did that, had literally just enough time to go back to piso and shove all of our stuff in our bags, and headed back to catch the bus. (We got there just in time) Our elders had just been called and told that, thanks to the Semana Santa holiday, they needed to find a place to buy water bottles for everyone at the conference the next day, because all of the supermarkets in Bilbao were closed. Unfortunately that was a little late, and we were already on our way to Bilbao, so we prayed for a little more help, and as we were walking to our respective pisos in Bilbao, we found just ONE store that was open, and they had enough water bottles for everyone at the conference! Ok, writing it out sounds a little weird, but I'm telling you, it was a huge miracle!!! 

Ok, so that was monday. Tuesday, we had Zone Conference with President and Hermana Dayton, the Ayudantes, and the Zones of Bilbao and Vitoria together. I LOVE getting to learn from all of these incredible people!!! In the morning we got to go to a leadership meeting where we dissected Doctrine and Covenants 121 and talked about each verse individually and the spirit was so strong! I loved it. Every time we're in a conference I feel like I can't write fast enough to keep up with all the things that come to my mind and heart as these inspired men and women are speaking. I think it's especially interesting that sometimes I receive answers to prayers in moments and ways that dont have anything to do with what's being talked about! As that hymn goes, The Lord works in Mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. He plants his feet upon the waves and rides upon the storm. (Kinda unrelated, but I just love that line. :) 

So tuesday afternoon, instead of going back to Santander, I went up to San Sebasti√°n with Hermana Bodden to have an intercambio with her! She's just incredible. She came in the same group as my Hermana Dinkelman and she's the one with the afro, for those of you who have seen pictures. She's super sweet, a fantastic human bean. :) We had a great time teaching and talking and walking the streets of Sanse. The next morning we got up early (shocking, I know) to go RUNNING (even more shocking, I know) and it was actually super enjoyable! (Gasps from the crowd). We had a great morning together, then I headed on the bus to go back home sweet home. :) Three hours on the bus... not super great. But hey, I survived! 

Thursday we were doing service all day, we helped one of our hermanas in the ward carry groceries, we made posters for the Chapel Open House tour which will happen this next week, and taught a couple classes of english, then helped pablo, the member that has a store, clean and wash windows and everything. I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE LET US HELP THEM!!!! (Fun fact, people here dont accept help from the missionaries very much.) 

THEN THE CRAZY DAY. Yesterday we were in the chapel after our block meetings when all of a sudden my Hermana Dinkelman passes out. PASSES OUT. We caught her and put her in a chair, then on the floor and elevated her feet, but she couldn't open her eyes and wasn't responding much when we talked to her, then suddenly she started shaking a ton with cold, and stopped responding and it was super scary. We called an ambulance and president and she and I rode to the hospital. They took some blood and did some tests but after about 7 hours of waiting, they couldn't find anything wrong and she had returned to normal. We have the most amazing members who drove and stayed with us and prayed and figured out a back up splits schedule that we could use if someone wanted to stay with Hermana Dinkelman so I could run and grab stuff from piso, but we ended up getting out of there by about 2 in the morning. Everything is good now, she's tired but fine, they think it was some kind of heat exhaustion or panic attack, but everything is fine! So... that tops off our crazy week! Also, Alassana almost got baptized on Saturday, but thanks to some problems with his family, he has to wait for a little longer. Hopefully everything will be good by the 20th of May! 
I'm attaching one of my favorite things we got from the conference, where we learned to ALWAYS have a purpose to our studies! I'm sorry, I have to go, but I love you all so much and I KNOW THAT THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE!!! I love being a missionary!!!!!! :) 
PS next week is transfers, so talk to you on Tuesday! 

Hermana Larson

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