Monday, April 17, 2017

Pues familia, this week has been a CRAZY ONE. Ready for this? 

-Monday we went to San Sebastián and had a fantastic time with our District all day, then we got permission from President to go to a Premier league Fútbol game! So we went and saw Real Sociedad against some team from Gijón? Yeah, I didn't do my research. But it was a fun game! We bought a couple bags of Sunflower seeds and felt like real Españoles for a little while. :) The game was super fun, not very intense, but it was great to be with everyone in our District! 

-Tuesday we had District meeting up in San Sebastián, which is always great, and then we made spaghetti and ate together in the chapel there. We were supposed to do an exchange that night, but thanks to a weird bus schedule, we ended up having to stay all together another night, then hermana Dinkelman headed to Santander to go meet up with another intercambio hermana while I stayed in a trio in San Sebastián until my time to take the bus, and from there I took the bus an hour and a half to Vitoria to do another intercambio. Yeah, it's a bit complicated, but basically I left my area on Monday and got back on Thursday, haha. I missed Santander! But I LOVED getting to be with so many different Hermanas! I love getting to see different areas, meet different people, and share these experiences with mis chicas! 

-Semana Santa was this week, which is the week-long catholic holiday that leads up to Easter! It's a spring break for all the youth here, so we've had a couple different ward activities this week which have been really fun. On Friday was a big parade which was kinda creepy but a good experience at the same time. I dunno. The holidays here are kinda strange. 

-Today we went to a park with almost all of our youth and played capture the flag, then went to Dominos. I just love our jóvenes so much!!! They are truly golden. One of my favorite things about Santander! 

Im so sorry, I've gotta go already, but I love you so much! Have a fantastic week! I KNOW THIS GOSPEL AND THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!!

Hermana Larson 

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