Monday, May 15, 2017

No Effort is Wasted

Hola familia! 

Just a quick one today, not much time, but I just wanted to say that.....


Jolin, I am SO happy, my heart feels like it's going to bust! He's doing so great, his Baptism went swimmingly, (no pun intended), and he's a fantastic recent convert. :) He has been investigating the church for 20 YEARS!After 20 years he finally made the decision to follow what he knew to be right and to take the leap of faith that we've been waiting for. Would you believe the good that has happened because a couple of missionaries gave out a Book of Mormon to a joven Español? I really truly have a testimony that no effort is wasted here. Even though it's taken him a couple of decades to cultivate the seed that was planted on that day, Jaime's life has been changed ETERNALLY because of those brave elders! I will never forget that incredible day. As we were singing the special musical number, he just leaned back and closed his eyes and the Spirit completely flooded the room, and it was so hard to hold back tears! He is SO excited to finally have the blessings that come with Baptism, and he's already sharing them with others; He has brought two of his friends to meet with us! Doing great there. 

We also had an intercambio this week with the Hermanas of San Sebastián so I got to go up there again! I LOOOOOVE San Sebastián, it's absolutely beautiful. This time I was with the incredible Hermana Brudnicki who I've been wanting to work with since she got here, so it was an incredible day. Too short, because I had to get back for Jaime's interview, but super good. On that same day, we had a piso check/reparations, which means that our apartment got inspected and "looked over with a white glove". Hahaha we did alright, but I'm kinda frustrated with all the places where dust can hide! All good though. 

Today all the missionaries from San Sebastián came here to Santander to have Preparation Day together, which has been SUPER fun, but it's made the time go way too fast, so I've gotta go, but I love you all! I loved getting to talk to you all yesterday! Have a fantastic week and we'll talk soon! 

Hermana Larson 

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